Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All hail the king...

King bed that is!

Like most of you, I spent the majority of my sleeping hours over my lifetime in a twin size bed. It appears as though kids today are more likely to have a full or queen sized bed unless they share a room but I am old school. I never knew what I was missing until my post graduate year at Carnegie Mellon. I rented my own apartment and purchased a queen sized bed from a nice Indian couple in Squirrel Hill. It took a few months for the faint curry smell to disappear but the extra room more than made up for it.

And so another decade passed and I found myself sharing a queen bed with a husband and dog. Yes, we let our dog sleep with us and wouldn't have it any other way. Charlie is an excellent sleeper and rarely moves or makes noises during the night. That is more than I can say for some other people! Just kidding, dear.

But when we bought our house in Charlotte we decided it was time to upgrade to a king bed. The queen would be relegated to the guest room (I am thrilled to even have a guest room). I figured that with all that room I would have plenty of space to sprawl out. The reality? Not so much. Now that my burgeoning belly has required me to sleep on my side the dog has decided that I am his pillow. And so gradually over the course of the night he snuggles closer and I end up with about 9 inches of space on the bed. That's OK for now at 22 weeks but give me another month and I'll need at least 10 inches :-)

I do not plan on co-sleeping with the baby or permitting her to sleep with us when she's older. She'll just have to realize that we love the dog more than her. Either that or we will have to order an even bigger bed. And I'm not sure the room is big enough for that!

When we head up to Massachusetts for the holidays DH and I will be sharing a full sized bed with Charlie. I am not looking forward to that at all. It's hard to downsize, isn't it? How about the rest of you? Any couples out there who prefer tighter quarters? Or do you let your kids sleep with you?

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Natalie said...

wait a minute, are you telling me that I slept on a curry mattress!?!?!? I HATE curry!!!!