Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's tough, but don't we have to be these days?

On Sunday night DH and I watched the 60 Minutes interview with Barack and Michelle Obama. It was great to see the two of them interacting because I haven't seen that often during the campaign.

One question that came up was the chores that Barack has to do when he's at home. He claimed that he found washing dishes to be relaxing. Michelle laughed and said, "No you don't. You do not like to wash dishes."

DH: She's tough.
Me: Well, yeah, she has to be. She's been the bread winner and primary care giver for the past decade.
DH: True.

What is interesting to me is that Michelle Obama was insistent that she will be focused on settling their daughters. She has made no mention of taking a more active role in the administration like Hilary did. Her only mention of additional work was getting involved in charities.

What do you think? As a Harvard Law School grad, senior executive, wife and mother, should Michelle stick with the "standard" First Lady role? Or can she succeed where Hilary failed?

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Donna said...

My thoughts are mixed on this. While I like the idea of a woman being able to keep her own identity and a career - I don't think I like the idea of the spouse (be it a man or woman) taking an active role in the administration. We didn't elect the spouse. You might say, well we don't elect the cabinet members, supreme court etc either. But those appointments are vetted through a body of elected officials. So, as first lady, I would say she should take care of her daughters, and make sure that her husband has the right sounding board (someone that questions everything!).