Monday, November 3, 2008

Why Facebook can be useful

DH and I were invited down to Hilton Head for the weekend by my parents (Grammy and Bumpa). It was the first time any of the "kids" were invited to see the island that they are going to be retiring to. It helps that we had a quick 4 hour drive to the island. I guess that's one benefit of living hundreds of miles away from family. The weather was cool but still nice enough for a little lounging by the pool.

Here we are in front of some sweet boats

While working before we left, I happened to see a status update from our friend Nikki who said she was boarding a private plane to Hilton Head. How cool is that? We were able to get in touch with her and meet up our first night there. So all you naysayers for Facebook - see, it really does serve a purpose!

DH got to play golf twice and it would have been three times but I wanted at least one day together. My mom and I indulged in a spa treatment on Friday. We all went to a Halloween party hosted by some family friends. I really stretched my creativity and went as a pregnant party girl. DH leveraged Theresa's suggestion and went as Joe the Plumber. It was my kind of party - we were back in our room by 9:30. Ah, how pregnancy changes things!

We're going to try and make a trip again next fall with the baby. 4 hours is doable. Right? RIGHT????
Don't forget that tomorrow is election day! North Carolina is 49% Obama and 48% McCain...our absentee ballots were mailed last week. I hope no one has to wait a long time to vote.

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