Friday, November 14, 2008

This bagel is just a vehicle for cream cheese

Apparently once I crossed the threshold of 20 weeks I turned into the quintessential pregnant woman. Most of you know I am a former smoker. For the first few weeks after I quit not an hour passed without me thinking about having (wanting! needing!) a cigarette. I even dreamed about it a few times. Those dream smokes were better than the real thing. Thanks, Chantix!
Now, not 15 minute go by without me thinking about food. Am I eating? If yes then I'm OK for another 30 minutes. If not I'm thinking about what I just ate and when I can eat again. I wake up starving. If I don't have some food within 15 minutes of getting to work I swear I will have a panic attack.
In my pre-pregnancy days I could easily go without breakfast and make it to 12 or 12:30 PM before having lunch. Now? I want that sandwich at 11:30 AM at the latest even after stuffing my face with a bagel and half a tub of cream cheese. I pack enormous lunches - two sandwiches, several pieces of fruit and something fun. I try to spread it out over an hour or two but it's hard! And inevitably I find myself going to the vending machine around 4 PM for a late afternoon snack. Evenings are easier because I regularly indulge in ice cream with M&Ms. So at least I'm not going to bed hungry...
It's not that I have specific food cravings. I just want to eat constantly. Sweets. Salty. Carbs (well, I have always loved carbs). Veggies (although I usually need another snack after that).
I haven't weighed myself in days. I've been really great about weight gain - less than 10 pounds in the first 20 weeks. Now it's all downhill. There is an apple sitting on my desk but I'm already thinking about the carb-tastic snack I'm planning on this afternoon.
How about the rest of you? Should I expect my grocery bill to grow exponentially?

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