Friday, November 7, 2008

Dream a little dream

I have noticed a distinct increase the number and vividness of dreams since I got pregnant. Hormones? Perhaps. It would certainly be a good explanation. But I think it stems more from the fact that I wake up approximately 20 times a night.

Before pregnancy, I could sleep for 8 hours straight with hardly a toss or a turn. I would usually remember my dreams in the morning, a couple of hours before I had to haul my ass out of bed for work. Now, I wake up at least hourly. I'm only halfway through this pregnancy and I've heard it will only get worse. I like sleep. I need sleep. This will not be good for me or my marriage. Love you, honey!

First there is the bathroom breaks. I used to be like Charlie and could hold it for hours. The dog can seriously go 24 hours and sometimes does if it's raining outside and he doesn't want to get his paws wet. Now I'm lucky if I have just one nocturnal visit. Three is much more common. I can't wait for our 14 hour drive up to Boston for Christmas holidays. DH is going to love stopping every hour!

Then there is the position shifts. First my left side. Then I'm on my stomach. Bad! Must turn over! But wait, now I'm on my right side. Also bad! Turn back! No! The back is absolutely off limits! DH has no idea how limiting sleeping on one side is (not to mention uncomfortable after several hours). He sleeps away peacefully on any damn side he wants.

I had one friend recommend a body pillow as the pregnancy progresses. Has anyone else tried that? Any specific recommendations?


Mommy, Esq. said...

You can have my body pillow. It's okay to sleep on your back if you feel okay doing it - I did all through my pregnancy (with twins!). Yeah, the side-to-side thing will just get worse and the last month is the worst. I only got up twice a night to pee. Sleep is still better pregnant than after the child is born so enjoy it now!

Helen said...

everyone I know swears by their body pillow and some loved it so much that they continued post pregnancy

jerseygirl77 said...

Seriously, sleep however you are comfortable. The whole "you must sleep on your left side" thing is kind of a crock. I did find the body pillow to be helpful for sleeping on my side. But I woke up in various random positions throughout all 9 months of both pregnancies, including on my stomach. The midwife told me it's fine and normal, so I didn't worry about it because sleep is important and I'll take it any way I can get it!