Thursday, March 5, 2009

AI Season 8: Wild Cards perform and selected

Three whole nights of Idol! I'm already looking forward to the Top 8 when we get down to an hour performance show. AI requires a lot of time on my DVR...

Up tonight are the Wild Card performances. I think it's interesting that the judges select the 3 to join the Top 12 rather than America. It makes the predictions so much harder. And when exactly will they deliberate and announce the decision? Do they get the last commercial break to confer and decide? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

This, as Seacrest reminds us, is American Idol.

Because we have time to waste, apparently, Ryan re-introduces the 9 contestant in the Top 12. Fortunately he cuts short his banter with the judges.

Jesse Langseth is up first. She does not look at hot in her introductory interview and appears to be begging. She picks a song I don't know until it gets to the chorus "Tell Me Something Good" to showcase her range and "blue-sy" style. Bad song choice but then again, it's not like America is voting so it might not matter. Randy gives her props for the song choice but he didn't think she nailed the song. Kara critiqued a few bad notes but was impressed with Jesse's swagger on stage. Paula loves her tenacity. I have a feeling that will be her theme tonight with every one of the Wild Card contestants. Simon reminded Jesse she was a very last minute choice. He called her performance indulgent. Jesse sucks up to Simon, as well she should.

Matt Giraud is not a very attractive person. He chooses a Jackson 5 song and also wants to showcase his blue-sy style. He does an excellent job and DH immediately thinks he's through to the next round. I mentally put him as going out early if that is the case. Not feeling the love for Mr. Giraud on my end...Kara thinks he does a great job "riffing," Paula thought it was a great song choice for him, Simon said it was a billion times better than last week but hates what Matt's wearing, and Randy thinks he could be a threat.

Megan Joy Corkery is introduced and DH begs her not to dance while performing. She picks the song that Katherine McPhee used two season ago with such good effect, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." This? Not so good. Definite pitch problems. And she's dancing. Ow! My eyes! Paula thinks she looks beautiful and has joy but has no real praise or criticism for her. Simon likes her because she is current. Randy agreed that it wasn't a great vocal but she is great. Kara thinks she gives variety to the competition. I'm not seeing what the judges are loving about her. I think it's the dancing.

Von Smith comes on next to try and lisp his way back into our hearts. He picks "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" and I immediately lose my shit for the lisping comment. And to top it all off, he's absolutely terrible. What do you have to do to say you are sorry? Not sing this song. Stick a fork in this guy, he's done. Simon didn't think the song started out well and Von Smith was boring. Randy thought he was too serious. Kara wasn't crazy about the song choice. Paula thought he was too concerned about the technical aspects of performing than just doing it well. A fairly articulate and insightful comment from Ms. Abdul! Is Kara making her step up her game?

Jasmine Murray is 17, as usual. She picks a Christina Aguilera Disney song from the movie "Mulan." Yes, I've seen it. Don't judge. I ask Jeremy how to spell Aguilera and he says H-O-T. Jasmine does a good job and I predict that a decent vocal coupled with her "commercial" appeal will have her through to the Top 12. Randy thought the song was a little too big but she did a good job overall. Kara was impressed with the size of her voice. Paula thought she did a wonderful job. Simon said it was pretty special compared to what Jasmine did before and that it was a brave song choice.

Ricky Braddy (I keep wanting to call him Ricky Bobby) is still as unattractive and boring as he was in his first performance. He decides a Stevie Wonder song, "Superstition" is the way to go. To his credit he does an excellent job but Stevie is tough and I can't help but think the judges won't be thrilled with his song choice. Kara thinks he can sing his butt off. Paula likes that he loosened up. It was a bit light weight and clumsy for Simon. Randy said he could blow but the song was self-indulgent.

And here's Tatiana. Sigh. Singing means so much to her that she must make it. Girl is craaaazy. She picks the same Whitney Houston song, "Saving All My Love For You," as she did in the first week. And this is what kills me. Every time. Tatiana can sing extremely well. She might even be one of the best singers in the competition. Tatiana loves everyone so much and grew a Latino accent. Simon is desperate to get the judging moving. Paula thought her vocal was good. Simon argued with her about her same song choice. Randy thought it started out really rough but it was a mixed bag of tricks. Kara called it the "Adventures of Tatiana." And I breath a sigh of relief that she will not make it through to the Top 12.

I am so happy that Anoop has the money spot. He picks "My Prerogative" which he also used in Hollywood Week. It's not as good a vocal as his first performance but much more high energy and showcases his personality. I remain hopeful for his chances. Simon calls him an enthusiastic dog and says people like him. Randy thought he did great and also called him "dog." Kara said it was the best he ever did the song. Paula called him a showman with some "nasty" moves.

So, before the judges decide I think Anoop, Jasmine and Megan will make it through. And Megan only to even out some of the male:female ratio woes. Otherwise it would be Matt Giraud.

Ryan welcomes us back and starts the results. Jasmine is in. Ricky is out. Megan is in. Tatiana is out. Tatiana has a nervous breakdown and it's kind of awesome. Jesse is out. Von is out. Matt is in. Dammit. But then the judges make it a Top 13 and Anoop is in! Woo hoo!

OK now it's time to plan my Top 12 rankings. And take a break for a few days from the AI madness.

SJ out.


A. said...

I predict "swagger" will become one of the annoying catch words that gets overused by the judges this season.

Theresa said...

I think the judges had a really hard time giving feedback last night because they had decided in advance who they were going to put through. How else could they have possibly done it? I am also glad for the break...three consecutive nights of AI and my brain is partially melted.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I'm glad Jasmine got another chance but was very disappointed about Megan and Matt - neither were very good. Thank God the judges realized a top 13 was in order. I love you, Anoop!