Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bathroom improvements for pregnant ladies

Now that I'm in my third trimester, the call of the wild, so to speak, has been happening with more frequency. I am fortunate that we have a master bedroom with an "en suite" bathroom. So it's probably 20 feet from me to relief every night, about 5 times a night. Poor A. has to climb stairs to get to her bathroom. I think that would make me sleep on the floor of the bathroom instead. Of course, then there's the whole, trying to get up from a prone position, that would be even more difficult.

But I digress. Since I have spent so much time in bathrooms recently I have decided that there is a simple fix to make things easier on pregnant women. A handicap bar in every bathroom. Yup, I shamelessly use the handicap bathroom at work now so I have something to help me get back up. If Michael Bloomberg can approve more stalls for women's rest rooms, how about adding in a bar to every stall too?

I wonder if it's too late in my pregnancy to have DH tackle some bathroom renovations...

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Mommy, Esq. said...

For a long time I kept using the single stalls b/c I could and I was all "f-it" I may be preggers with twins but I can embrace the normal stall. I gave up around month 7. I'm proud to announce now I'm back at work I use the smaller stalls. I actually pee along side a very influential woman in MA who is a partner at my firm. Always weirds me out.