Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stick a fork in me

Looks like my dream of winning this year's American Idol pool was cruelly dashed by last night's results show. I was talking with DH about it this morning. What did I do wrong to pick Jasmine and Jorge to go so far? He assured me that my logic was perfectly rational. After all, they were much better singers than Megan or Scott and gave better performances than Anoop. But we've been watching the show for weeks and see their potential. The rest of America? Way more superficial than I gave it credit for. And to think, this is my second season recapping and fourth in the pool! I should know better. I really did think that Jorge having an entire country (OK territory, but still) would bring him through for many rounds not to mention the Latino connection, but obviously that wasn't the case. Yes, Jordan, you were right. Dammit.

In other news, thanks for the advice from everyone about getting my wedding ring unstuck. I tried the ice water trick last night. First of all: that hurt! I did figure out I had to gradually put my hand in or I couldn't keep it in as long as I needed. But after 20 minutes of soaking I still couldn't get the ring off. Even slathering it in oil too. Sigh. I am going to hope that the cooler weather in Charlotte that started today will help. At least it's not so tight it is hurting my hand. I have hope that if I can't get it off until I deliver that it will still be OK and I won't have to have it cut off. But I'll have DH bring the cutting equipment to the hospital just in case!

It has been an extremely long week and I now know why so many women on my pregnancy web boards bitch about still being pregnant in Week 37. I am exhausted by the end of the day and want nothing more than to curl up and watch TV. But I'm so ungainly I can't seem to get comfortable on the chair or the coach. I'm going to start working from home more often with the hope I won't feel as run down by the end of the day. Of course then I have to listen to DH bitch about his job stress (since he telecommutes) but we'll have to get used to this togetherness for the 12 weeks I'm home with the baby!

Is it Friday afternoon yet?


Jordan said...

It would have been sweeter if Megan went instead of Jasmine. That Corkery will not last long. I just don't get the judges' fascination with her. I think Alexis is better looking (and far more talented) than her. Unless next week is Nelly Furtado or Jewel week, I think she's going to go.

You didn't comment on the new judging "twist" where the judges can use one "save" during the season to stop someone from getting eliminated. I'm sure they'll save it until the later rounds (and might use it on Rounds as well).

Theresa said...

I must be in the minority, but I really don't hate Megan. I don't think she should be anywhere near the top 5, but I find her kind of interesting. Jasmine just isn't very talented. Next week is Grand Ole Opry week, so I think it's going to be an odd week indeed.

I think the judges will absolutely use the save on Lil Rounds.

Donna said...

I actually used an ice cube to get my ring off when I was so swollen during DS1 pregnancy. I had to rub the finger over and over again. Plus, the key is the knuckle. It has to be slippery and cold!

Just a few more weeks now --- how exciting.