Sunday, July 5, 2009

BBQ, drinks and a cute outfit

Really, doesn't the title say it all? What more do we need for a perfect 4th of July weekend? Plus we got to watch Tiger Woods win the AT&T Invitational. Is it just me or is Tiger really, really jacked now that he's back?

I'm sure you are all more interested in some pictures and video of Cameron in her adorable outfit. It was given to her by my friend Ross and is appropriately red, white and blue.

Daddy and Cameron hanging out before we head out to a neighbor's house.
The hat lasted about 15 minutes. Just enough time for everyone to coo over how adorable she looked.
Cameron is quite the talker these days. I keep trying to get her to say "Mama" but no luck yet! I think she will be more influenced by DH yelling at the Yankees...

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable video. . .love the outfit! Thinking of you all as it's "back to work" on Monday. . love, Mimi