Friday, July 24, 2009

Cameron: Four months old

Dear Cameron,

Today you are 4 months old. 4 months! Where has the time gone? Your daddy and I are amazed every day at how much you grow and change and become your own person. You are still a very happy baby, particularly in the early morning. Which is a good thing because it makes it easier for Mommy to get out of bed and be happy that it's 6 AM on a Saturday.

Over the past month you have finally lost your little fuzzy ears (or Teen Wolf ears as Uncle Andrew called them) and I have no idea when it actually happened. I just looked one day and the fuzz was gone.

You love to grab everything and anything and stuff it into your mouth. Nothing beats your hands but toys will do in a pinch. I am warned that this could be a sign of early teething but there are no other signs so I have some time before having to worry about biting. You have also started to really kick with your feet. I blame Daddy for teaching it to you at bath time. Now there is a lot more splashing before bed.

You still aren't quite sleeping through the night but I know you can do it. I think once we introduce solid food in a few months Mommy can get a full night's sleep. And even if you like to get a pacifier insertion at 12 AM or a re-swaddle at 2 AM and a feeding at 4 AM at least you can fall asleep by yourself. Yes, other parents will be jealous to hear that you can be put down in your crib sleepy but awake for naps and bedtime and fall asleep on your own. Now if only you can learn to sleep more at school...

At least school is doing a better job than Mommy with making you do tummy time. I am still a wimp and turn you over once you start squawking. There are no signs of wanting to roll over yet but you are doing better at tolerating being on your stomach. I thought you were close to rolling over when I had to squirt saline up your nose when you were sick but that was you just trying to escape your mean mommy.
You still love to talk. All the time. At everything. Daddy and I love how you will talk to your mobile in your crib while we are getting ready to start the day. You would rather talk to me than eat which makes Mommy very grumpy. But when you flash that gummy smile at me I can't help but laugh and talk back.

Mommy misses you every day while she is at work but I know you love school. Well, the lack of napping would indicate that you are so enthralled with everything you would rather be awake than asleep. All of your teachers tell me how good you are and that they wish they could clone you. It's a running joke that you are always in a different outfit when I pick you up because of a blowout.

You are growing in leaps and bounds and we can't wait to see what you will learn or do next.

Mommy and Daddy

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confused homemaker said...

aww great letter, she's going to love reading these when she's older. and chica I've given you an award for being an awesome blogger come on over to claim it.