Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hooked on phonics

I will freely admit it. DH and I are bad parents. Cameron is three months old and we never read to her. I'll pause while you all gasp in shock and horror.

Yes, it's true. Despite my own passion for reading I can't seem to incorporate it into our daily lives. I've had a children's book sitting next to the glider for almost a week and I haven't even read page one of it to Cameron.

Now I haven't really been worrying about reading to Cameron. She is pretty verbal and gets lot of stimulation in other areas. But I do want to start reading a book to her daily. I'm just finding it hard to pick the right time to do it. Just before bed doesn't really work because she is usually really fussy. After work in general is tough because of all the things that need to happen. Ditto for the morning.

So what did you do to start reading to your child(ren) regularly? And when did you start the process? What are your favorite book recommendations for this age and as Cameron gets older?


Helen said...

I think your best bet is as part of your bedtime routine, or otherwise it will get pushed aside. So important- pick a night, say Saturday and just start. It's so important! I have lots of recommendations, for 2019 (yikes!) when she enters my age bracket:)

Sotorrific Twins said...

I also do it at bedtime, right after they eat. Luckily, they are in a good mood. Also, rocking them a bit before I put them donw has always been part of routine, so now I simply combine the two.

The only other thing I can think of is to do it as part of the mornign routine - my kids are always super-happy in the morning. Maybe right afetr you feed her in the morning? Not sure if there is time for that in teh week but it could always be a weekend thing.

LauraC said...

Dude seriously, the first three months babies are just blobs! No need to be too hard on yourself. Or rather, I wasn't hard on myself bc we didn't read to them the first 3 months either.

We instituted bedtime reading right around 4 months as part of their nightly routine. So it was bath, bottle, book, bed. That is still the routine, without bottle. We let each boy pick one book.

But they love love love books. At school, they have story time and we always read to them on weekends.

Anonymous said...

The only one I can think of off the top of my head, is "Pat the Bunny"--a good touchy-feely start for reading. However, know there are more like that out there--by the way did the blanket arrive before noon on Wednesday--if it didn't I'm supposed to get a refund from the Post Office (better known as the Jesse James outlaws). . lots of love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly disagree that they are "blobs" at three months but they are might young at that age. I probably didn't really introduce books until they were sitting up and could hold them while we read.