Saturday, July 11, 2009

Look, Mom, no hands!

Last night we tested out the exersaucer and Cameron loved it! I didn't think she was ready for it but one of her teachers told me she had a great time in the one at school so I asked DH to break it out of the box and put it together. About an hour later and a dozen triple A batteries it was all set. We have to tuck a blanket around Cameron to keep her upright but I figure that just means she will be able to fit in it for months to come.

I'm excited to see her explore this toy. There is so much going on and she can already reach for toys so it makes it more interactive for her. The biggest problem? It takes up so much floor space!!! So, how long will this new toy entrance Cameron? What have your experiences been with this and other similar toys?

Yes, my eyes really are this wide all the time.

Sure, there's some drool but it doesn't interfere with my play time. Somehow I got this huge double chin in the last week. If you stare long enough it will stare back.
The "Tower of Daddy" didn't go over too well the first time around but I have a feeling it will quickly become a favorite.


confused homemaker said...

She looks like she's going to have fun with it & yes "tower of Daddy" will become a favorite. All my kids hated things like that when they were littler, but now love it.

Sotorrific Twins said...

seriously, those jumperoos and exersaucers are God's gift to parents.