Sunday, July 12, 2009

The things we do for love

Fever Pitch was on TV this weekend and it brought back a ton of memories about my first few months of being in a relationship with DH. I believe I've mentioned previously that DH is a huge Yankee fan. Huge is even a bit of an understatement. Even though DH grew up in Springfield, MA (not to be confused with every other Springfield across the country) his dad is a Yankee fan so naturally, so is DH. I also grew up in Massachusetts so naturally I am a Red Sox fan. A pretty mediocre one until I starting dating DH.

Like Drew Barrymore's character I started watching a lot of baseball when DH and I began seeing each other. Our first date was August 2, right in the midst of prime baseball. And so I watched baseball practically every night. I was also exposed to a lot of ESPN and even started reading The Sports Guy. I learned about fielder's choice, WHIP and ERA and the seven ways that a player can get on first base without getting a hit. And somehow I became more of a Red Sox fan. I could converse knowledgeably with my dad and brother about the team and actually recognized them without having to see their names on the uniform. I think my dad knew DH and I were destined to get married when I started spouting baseball statistics.

I even joined a free baseball league. Well, I joined, DH drafted and managed my team. Sounds fair, right?

Now that we are three years into our marriage I will tell you this: I am patiently waiting for baseball season to be over so I can get my TV back. I find myself hoping the Yankees will win so DH will be in a good mode. Or at least that the game will be mercifully quick. And don't even get me started about the post season...I no longer follow the Red Sox and couldn't name every starting pitcher. Heck, I can barely name 3 of them! I wonder if any of this has to do with the fact that the Red Sox finally won a World Series? Two of them even.

How about the rest of you? What have you done for love? And has it lasted or faded away like my passion for the Red Sox?


LauraC said...

This is hilarious! I did the same thing with Jon, except hockey. I didn't know anything about hockey and he is an avid fan. I joined his fantasy league and watched tons of games with him. For our first anniversary, I even got him paper front row tickets to a Devils game.

Now I am a happy hockey widow as I do my own thing when he watches games. And that is fine by me!

Helen said...

I'll never forget living with you guys (since DH basically lived with us) and being totally confudled by your sudden knowledge of baseball- frightening actually! I had to hone my Red Sox knowledge this year not for a boyfriend, but for the most fanatic student I had. he would quiz me every morning, and I would have to have my stats straight. His shirt of the day most often coordinated with whomever was pitching that night!

Amanda said...

Husker football, but I will always stay as rabid of a fan as jeremy. I suppose Nascar now, the first year I watched all the races with him but now I just come in the living room when there is a good wreck.

Danielle said...

I'm with you wishing those Yankees will win. I'm a Yankee fan for the same reason your husband is - my dad was, but I wasn't really into it until I moved up here with Eric.

But I know what it's like to wish they'll win just so he isn't upset. The last few years have been rough:(

But then, he has to contend with my Steeler obsession come football season, so I guess we're even.

Anonymous said...

Guess it runs in the family. . .During my sophomore year in college I found myself sitting next to a guy on crutches--he had broken his leg playing football. He asked me if he could walk me back to my dorm, carrying my books while on crutches. . .and that was it! I learned everything I could about football, tactics, plays, etc. That was 62 years ago. . and I've now forgotten everything I learned about football. Love, Mimi

Susan said...

Hahahahaha...obviously many of us women have done this. Don't laugh too hard everyone but my husband is a die hard Detroit Lion's fan so it was football for me. I'm with LauraC....I really don't care to watch near as much football so I do my own thing when he does. However, I do still LOVE baseball and we do watch as much as we can together.