Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cameron starts to get mobile

Cameron has been a rolling fool for the past few weeks. I turn around and the next thing I know she has rolled clear off the blanket and under the coffee table. While she normally rolls right to left she has no problem rolling in whatever direction gets her closer to a toy or some other object of interest. She has also started turning herself 360 degrees while on her tummy. So her head stays in one spot and she manages to swing her whole body around. What does this mean? Crawling is soon to come, I'm sure. I have a feeling she will be doing commando style crawling first (just using her arms) but she could surprise me.

DH is convinced that her second bottom tooth is coming in. I'm not so sure but her intake of bottles is down again so he is probably right. Cameron has also decided that 5 AM is the perfect time for a bottle. She usually goes right back to sleep but it throws my whole morning off. Anyone have any suggestions for how to get her to sleep an extra hour? Or at least assure me this is just a phase?

Cameron reads her book, just like mommy.

Cameron's hair is starting to get poofy. But I am a long ways off from cutting it, unlike A.
Cameron starts a roll.
Almost back to her tummy.

Video proof of a rolling fool.


Rebecca M. said...

adorable video - I love the ruffles on her little tooshie.

Dominick gets up at 5:30 every day - no fail. He is definitely hungry. I've tried to stretch him to wait until six... no can do. No advice for you about Cameron - just sympathy.

Helen said...

I think (?) nat and I gave her the adorable lady bug outfit:)

look out- she's a rolling fool!

Mimi said...

Wonderful pictures. . .thank you! She's really a doll!

Drew said...

Ah! Sophie the Giraffe in the video! You have to read my latest blog post. Sophie is everywhere!