Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time to start saving for those braces

Apparently I picked the worst time ever to do cry it out with Cameron. She has been fighting a cold and teething. My excuse? I only knew about the cold. Yup, last night I discovered that Cameron has her first tooth! I let her suck on my finger and there it was. A teeny, tiny tooth just poking out from her gums.

I have mentioned in a few other posts about the dramatic reduction in Cameron's ounces. Turns out that part of the reason was due to teething. She had a much better day yesterday with 24 ounces. I guess once that tooth popped through she felt much better and wanted to eat again.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that we didn't have much sign that Cameron was teething. I did suspect that something was up and gave her some Motrin for the last two nights. But she didn't chew on things more frequently or start drooling more than normal. She only woke up once a night smooshed up against her crib railing and needing a little rescue. Nothing that would indicate that my baby is now sporting a single bottom tooth.

I guess DH and I are just blessed with a happy, healthy baby who isn't bothered by little things like teething or ear infections. And here's hoping I didn't just curse us by writing that down! Cameron continues her trend of being perfectly average with her first tooth just after she passed the six month mark. I wonder how quickly it's mate will pop in?

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