Thursday, October 1, 2009

Staying strong with a pillow over my head

Cry it out has been challenging. Night Two was about on par with Night One except for one thing: Cameron has a cold. I gave her a bit of Benadryl to alleviate her congestion and needless to say, she slept great for the first few hours. But then between the hours of 3 AM and 6:30 AM she was up off and on. I gritted my teeth and pulled my pillow over my head. After all, it wouldn't be good if we were both exhausted by CIO, right? And that's where I'm really struggling. My poor baby is definitely tired. She used to greet me every morning wreathed in smiles. Now she cries until I can pop her bottle in. And she cries a lot more easily in the evenings. I know it's because she is a little sick and very tired but it just breaks my heart.

But I am two nights in and I refuse to back down, dammit! I've told DH that he will need to bring a second pillow into his sleeping arrangement so he can stay strong as well. I'm hopeful we will have a breakthrough by this weekend. I'm giving it a week and if she is still miserable I will reassess and consider re instituting the swaddle. So please send good, soothing thoughts our way as we tackle Night Three (with Daddy!) tonight.

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