Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poking my nose out from a warm bed

What is it about Tuesdays? For me, they are way worse than Mondays. Apparently the weekend can carry me through Monday but come Tuesday morning the last thing I want to see is the clock ticking along towards wake up time. Today this feeling was compounded by the fact we don't have the heat working in our house. We have a little heater running in Cameron's room so she was nice and toasty warm. I was bundled up in sweats and huddled against Charlie for warmth. Getting up at 5 AM to give Cameron her bottle was torture. Too bad she didn't appreciate that Mommy and Daddy would prefer not to get out of bed.

DH has the heater company coming today. The weird thing is that it was working fine on Friday. That was the first day I turned the heat on since last winter. DH may be fine sitting in a house that is 65 degrees but I am not. Of course that is balmy weather compared to the 58 degrees it was in the house this morning. It's been getting close to freezing at night here in Charlotte. I am always cold so Florida is looking good to me right now. The warmest winter I ever spent was last winter while pregnant with Cameron. She was a little heater for me. Hmmm. Is that a good excuse for having another kid?

In other news yesterday I had my first session with the 30 Day Shred. Is anyone surprised that Jillian kicked my ass? In my defense I only have 10 pound weights and they were using 5 pound ones in the DVD. So I was getting even MORE of a workout. I'm glad that the workout is only 20 minutes. Even that long felt like torture but doable torture. I try to get the workout done before DH is done with work. I would prefer to not have him see me flopping around and jiggling in places that really shouldn't jiggle. I like that the workout doesn't require a big space to do the exercises. As I mentioned previously our TV room is small and even smaller with all the toys scattered around. Needless to say, I'm only at Level 1. And I was already out of breath while doing the warm up exercises. Good thing Jillian told me that my heart rate should be going up just as I was thinking I was a total wimp. She wasn't even breathing hard, of course.

I am trying to be committed to doing it every day. Will I cheat? Is the Pope Catholic? But yesterday it was so cute to see Cameron bouncing in her Jumperoo along with my jumping jacks. And she is the best motivation in the whole world for me to get in better shape. So wish me luck!


Amanda said...

I haven't done the shred for a week now, I'm totally going to regret it when I can restart. Sucks about the heat, at least it warmed up today.

T. said...

Heat already? Aren't you in North Carolina? :-)

jerseygirl77 said...

I've managed not to turn on the heat yet. Cheap: that's how I roll. Good for you for doing the Shred!