Monday, October 5, 2009

Starting to see some success

While CIO hasn't been a raging success, it has been getting better. This weekend was a big challenge because it is the first time Cameron would go down for naps without being swaddled. Now, this isn't quite true. Daycare did a crappy job of swaddling her so basically she wasn't swaddled for her naps there. But in our house she was a baby burrito. Cameron did pretty well. She napped 60-90 minutes at a stretch three times each day. There wasn't any crying because she was definitely tired and a couple minutes of rocking later she was out like a light.

Other than naps I did have to go in and rock her back to sleep on Saturday night. She was inconsolable and I just couldn't stay away. DH did a pacifier insertion at 3 AM last night. When I scolded him and said it wasn't in the spirit of CIO he responded, "One trip to her room? That's nothing! She went 8 hours. That's great!" True, DH, true. Let's just hope it doesn't start being 2-3 times a night. Cause then we're starting all over again!

Per usual I have been remiss in posting photos. Cameron has lots of cute clothes that are much more appropriate for the cooler weather. So even though we aren't quite in her new 6-9 month clothes I've been able to dress her up in stuff that's new for us.

Cameron practices her mischievous look.
Wearing a hoodie. DH is so proud!
Cameron is always happy when she gets to spend lots of time with Mommy and Daddy.

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A. said...

Love that last photo, what a cutie!