Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol: Top 10 guys perform

This is going to be a super fast recap. I didn't even take notes because I've been feeling burnt out on AI. Like somehow the 9 months between last season and this season didn't recharge my batteries. I blame the 4 judge format. I hate hearing each of them provide feedback on every contestant. It's beyond annoying and stretches a show that should be one hour into two.

So the guys are up because Chrystal Bowersox is in the hospital. Real illness or teeth whitening? The were very few good performances with a couple of notable exceptions.
  • Big Mike: Really, really good and found his vibe with a James Brown song. Easily safe.
  • John Park: YAWN. Totally in danger of going home with another boring performance.
  • Casey: Picks a good Gavin DeGraw song and goes all karaoke. A major step back from last week but he's still totally safe.
  • Alex Lambert: Totally rocked the house and made me really route for him. Based on this performance he should go really far.
  • Todrick: I have never liked Todrick. It's like I have this inability to route for him in any way because he is so annoying. The way he dresses, his back flips, his mediocre voice, everything. He decides to tackle Tina Turner and it goes about as well as you would expect. I finally pinpoint his problem. Todrick is trying to script a win. He is trying to add in whatever components he thinks the judges and audiences want to hear and totally missing the boat. I am hopeful that he will be gone after this week but pity might keep him around.
  • Jermaine is a white woman trapped in a black man's body. Close your eyes and listen. It's scary. He does terrible and is most likely one of the two going home.
  • Andrew Garcia tries to change things up but the judges are still stuck on his Paula Abdul audition from 3 freaking weeks ago. Hopefully he will hold off on performing it until the Top 12. Despite a not-so-good performance he'll be fine.
  • Aaron Kelly is so young. And lacks the David Archuleta charm. He picks "My Girl" and it's as awkward and terrible as you would think. The teeny bopper vote will put him through though.
  • Tim Urban seems like he is still growing into his limbs. He goes with "Come on Get Higher" and does much, much better than last week but it's still not very good. But given his improvement I think he'll be safe for another week.
  • In the money spot is Lee who totally rocks it out vocally with a Hinder song. He does look a little uncomfortable without his guitar but he does a really great job and totally jumps up in my estimation.

So who is out? John Park is toast. Jermaine or Todrick is my other pick.

SJ out.


Sheryl said...

I love that you put so much into this. LOL!

I have no idea, I've missed too many of them, but it's good to visit your blog.

A. said...

Hey, I actually watched the ladies sing this week, where's my recap?! :-)

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't watch American Idol anymore. I just like the bad auditions and then I don't watch again.