Monday, March 22, 2010

Family visits

As you may have noticed I've been a bit remiss in posting lately. That's because of the craziness of my work schedule and visits from family. My sister-in-law came to visit us for the first time since we've moved to Charlotte. It was wonderful to see her especially because she is very well versed in gardening and landscape planning. While I was toiling away at work she and DH did a ton of planting and pruning and general clean up. The yard looks great! Still a long way to go especially with planting shade perennials but we'll get there! The day after my SIL left, my mom (Grammy) showed up. A fun time and lots of shopping was had by all.

Here are some photos to tide you over....I can't believe how much Cameron is growing up!

Cameron clutches the new puppy that Mimi gave her for her birthday.

Cameron hangs out in the chair that Grammy gave her and the hat that Mimi knitted her. Good thing it's big enough to fit next winter!
Grammy insisted that the way for Cameron to learn how to sip through a straw was to get a milkshake from McDonald's. As you can see, it totally worked!
Grammy got some great shots of Cameron during swim lessons.
Cameron loves her swing. It doesn't swing quite straight but that is what happens when you use a tree. She still loves it.


Mommy, Esq. said...

I swear there is something around her nose/mouth that looks like Penny. I can't wait to see the girls together this summer! Are you coming to Maine too this summer? Can you spend more than 1 hr at my house?

Stephanie said...

Very cute pics. We have the exact same swing and it doesn't swing straight either. Weird.

Donna said...

That second to last picture reminds me of baby photos from store ads. Beautiful!!

Drew said...

I cannot stop laughing about the straw trick! Can't wait to try it! Perhaps I should use french fries to get J to crawl...