Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nobody does it better

DH is traveling this week. It's the first time in many, many months where he has hopped on a plane and I am left to juggle work and Cameron solo. Usually it is the opposite as I have been the one with more business travel. When DH is home alone he tells me how easy it is to manage the juggle. I am not quite so sanguine.

This morning was a bit of a blur and I felt rushed every step of the way. Granted, I probably slept a bit longer than I should have but hey, I'm sick so I cut myself some slack. A quick shower, throw on some clothes and off to wake up Cameron to start her morning routine. It was already 7 AM so I was running about 15 minutes behind schedule. 15 minutes became 20 when I realized the outfit I had picked out was too small and also had to administer a dose of antibiotics.

I whisked Cameron off to the car and strapped her in, Cameron protesting the entire time. For some reason Cameron has not wanted to go in her car seat lately. Called the dog back inside, dumped some food in his bowl and started our commute to daycare. Even though I am working from home and didn't have to doll myself up per usual I felt rushed through the whole morning process.

Coming home since I was later than normal I ran into a lot more traffic. Via cell phone I commiserated with Mommy, Esq. on her crappy work schedule, parked, got myself some caffeine and settled into email. And it was only 8 AM. Thank goodness DH is home tomorrow afternoon! I am extremely impressed with his ability to juggle the morning routine while I'm away.


Amanda said...

Has she tried to crawl into the shower with you yet. That is part of my solo morning routine now. Not by choice mind you. Holden thinks its hilarious to watch the water go down the drain.

A. said...

You are fortunate that Cameron sleeps until 7 for you. Our solo parenting routines always include showering at night because the kids are apt to wake up before 6 if we try to shower in the morning. OK when there's another parent to go get the early riser, but not so convenient when you're on your own and have conditioner in your hair.

By, the way, my phone was off because I'm en route to NO (speaking of parenting solo).

confused homemaker said...

My husband also is so relaxed about going it alone. I don't get it! I'm easy going, ok, I'm not but whatever, he shouldn't be so relaxed.

Rebecca M. said...

I do the solo morning routine three times a week and ALWAYS feel rushed. I never get make up on, and my hair usually "falls" before I get to work. Here's a glimpse into my morning routine...