Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The sign of a disorganized mind

I have been doing a lot of thinking about work lately. I've mentally composed and discarded several blog posts about it. Mostly because I don't want to cross any potentially hazardous lines in talking about BigFinance but also because my mind is a whirl and it's hard to concentrate. I pinpoint my issues to one thing: my email inbox has become unwieldy. And that means my job has become unwieldy. I like to file emails and keep everything nice and tidy and up to date. If I have more than 30 active emails in my inbox I know that the work is piling up. And I've hit well over a hundred.

I'm sure many of you are snickering at my email numbers (yes, Mommy, Esq., I'm looking at you!) but to more than triple the number of "active" things I'm following up on means that my mind, like my days, are just spiraling out of control. I think things would be better if I was able to execute on my projects. But we've been in the planning stages for 9 months and every time it looks like there is a break through another problem pops up. I do not exaggerate when I write that not a single piece of the work I'm doing has been easy. Usually there are one or two quick wins that can help boost me through bad times but not for the past 9 months. And that is a long time to go in being frustrated.

I'm also struggling with figuring out my career path within BigFinance. I may have mentioned previously that I am in a rotational program. It is ending in July so I need to figure out if I should stay in my current department or target a new role. I have an offer on the table but it doesn't appear to be the best fit. A lot of uncertainty with the role and very little upside. Plus it's the first job I've interviewed for and I plan on being very picky in finding my next role. How about the rest of you? How have you plotted out your careers? Have you just fallen into roles or was there deliberate thought and action?


A. said...

My inbox is at 458 right now, down a lot from the 800 that was giving me panic attacks. The sad thing is that I can easily get 100 e-mails in a day. I seriously despise e-mail sometimes.

Good luck figuring out your path - I'm sure you'll find something that's the right fit.

LauraC said...

I am the same way with emails. They stay in my in-box until they are done then they are filed away. My goal every Friday is to have an empty email inbox.

I took a job I was way overqualified for because I knew it would lead me on the path to the right job (job I have now, have been promoted 5 times in 7 years). For me, the end result was more important than the specific job at the time.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I ahve to slog through 250 emails today. I hope to get down to 100 of "active, need-to-do" items. I say keep looking. Put together a list of what you're good at and what you want in a job role and look for that. It is hard to blog about work - I haven't talked about my need to find a new job b/c my blog is a poorly kept secret at my Big Firm.

confused homemaker said...

I'm trying to figure out right now what to do with my path. I wish I had some great words of wisdom because I think I've always just fallen into things (not a bad thing per se, but I want to really WANT the path, kwim?)

And I hate email...It's going to be the death of me.

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