Monday, May 17, 2010

BBQ snapshots

This past weekend my friend Amanda hosted us for a BBQ. Also invited were another couple and their son who are a part of our regular play group/mommy's night out. We had a wonderful time and so did Miss Cameron as illustrated by the pictures below.

Now that Cameron is walking more regularly I decided it was time to start putting her into dresses. She had a little trouble figuring out how to stand up without tripping over the skirt but by the end of the day she was a pro.

Cameron loved Holden's police car. All 3 of them did and occasional fights broke out. Nothing serious but it heralds the future of this play group, I'm sure!

Graham wants to get into the car but Cameron slams the door shut so she can ride.

Holden shows off his water table.
Cameron cools off from a 85+ degree day.
With only one nap under her belt Cameron decides to crash Graham's party on the hammock.
Although they look tuckered out a little food and milk and they were back playing again.


Amanda said...

Great pictures, I'm afraid if the 3 of them grow up together, Cameron might have a fight on her hands with the boys :)

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Very cute pics! We have one of those cars and the kids love it! who knew that would be what they fight over?! lol

A. said...

Cute dress, and cute Cameron!

Kassie said...

Really cute pictures! Found you on