Monday, May 24, 2010

Going shopping in my own closet

I haven't written much on this blog about my crusade over the past two months to lose weight. I have been inspired by others (Goddess In Progress and Lauren to name two) to go back to Weight Watchers and finally take my body back. I did WW before I got pregnant. I knew that I was going to pack on the pounds with pregnancy so I decided to lose some weight first. I figured it would make the uphill battle post-pregnancy a little easier.

I gave myself a year to lose the weight on my own. And right around Cameron's birthday I caved and started WW again. I love that I can track my points on my iPhone although the past two weeks I've been remiss. Sometimes I get lazy entering points especially if the nutritional value isn't easily accessible. It's been 8 weeks and I've lost 11 pounds. I was really hoping to average 2 pounds a week but I've had some off weeks here and there. I blame wine. Or rather my preference for wine. My target is to lose another 9 pounds before our family vacation/reunion which is slated 8 weeks out. I think it's doable but I have to put more focus on both my eating and exercise. We joined a local community center and three days in a row I've been able to use the indoor pool to swim laps. I forgot how much I loved swimming!

One of the benefits to having, ahem, fluctuating weight is that my closet is filled with smaller sized clothes that I couldn't bear to part with. This weekend I took a stroll through my 3 closets and came up with 4 pairs of pants, a suit, lots of casual summer tops and a pair of jeans. DH was thrilled that I avoided spending money although I spent a bunch on swimming gear so at least I got some shopping done that way! Yes I do have 3 closets: the guest room one is a hodgepodge of my stuff, Cameron's and Christmas decorations. We have two in the master bedroom that are small so DH gave me those and he uses the closet in his office. Not that he ever needs to go into his closet for work clothes because he works from home. So it wasn't a serious sacrifice on his part :-)

The two closets are next to each other and are a lot longer than the small closet door. So I end up "losing" a lot of clothes to the back of each one. I need to be better about going through them regularly and rotating pieces to the front. I have my casual clothes in one closet and my work clothes in another. That's worked well for me so far but I might need to reorganize again if I keep losing clothes. Does anyone else have this two closet situation? If so, how do you organize your work/play clothes?

I'm down a solid pants size and looking forward to dropping another one by the family reunion. I hope that the more regular exercise will kick start my system a little more and allow me to indulge in an extra glass of wine now and then. Hey, I deserve it!


T. said...

That is fantastic!! Congratulations on the weight loss. I am seriously stressed about the weight thing already and I am very scared that baby weight is going to be hard to lose. I will definitely have to look into WW come November/December...right in time for the holidays - bad timing.

Amanda said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I'm stuck at 7 lbs lost and 1-inch but started my couch to 5k program Saturday which I hope remotivates me. I was very sore yesterday as a result. Its funny how you find out muscles you didn't have until you work them too hard :) We can continue to be each others cheerleader since we have the same July goal.

susanne13 said...

I also use two closets - one in our bedroom and one in Jake's room. I keep most day to day stuff in Jake's closet (makes no sense, I know) and sweatshirts, work clothes, etc in our bedroom. OK that probably didn't help :) Congrats on the weight loss!!!!!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Congrat on the great sleeper and the weight loss! :)

Madi was shy with the photographer at first, but she really just stands back and takes photos while I play with her. The one where she is running with her arms up I had put her down and run away and she was chasing me :) I was worried about doing them outside because of the distractions, but they turned out soooo good with all the pretty trees and flowers!

LER said...

Sorry so late in reading back posts...been way too busy of late. But yea for you on the weight loss!!! Rock star. The end isn't too far off and keep up the swimming. I'm sure there are lots more clothes saying "Wear me, wear me" so that will keep you going!!! Keep it up buddy, I know you can do it!