Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Language development

This week has been a rough one primarily because Cameron was sent home from daycare AGAIN yesterday for a suspected case of pink eye. Second time this has happened. I was home already battling my own illness but still forced to be on multiple conference calls. DH picked her up and I made a doctor's appointment. Diagnosis? Double ear infection, no pink eye. While I am glad that we got a diagnosis on the ear infection (apparently it was pretty bad) I am disappointed in how frequently Cameron has been sent home over the past 6 weeks. Example A. So of course I decided it was time to have a little chat with the Assistant Director. It wasn't satisfactory but I'm glad I unloaded. Only time will tell if my complaints have a direct correlation with how often we are called to pick her up in the next few weeks. The girl still has two more molars coming in...

Getting off my high horse I thought I would copy A. and provide an update on Cameron's current language development. She is regularly calling DH "Dada" and irregularly calling me "Mama". I can understand her when she says, "All done" or "Again" but a person off the street would just think she was babbling.

DH swears that Cameron said, "apple juice" last week but I think it was a fluke. Also a fluke was "bottle" as clear as day about three weeks ago, never to be repeated. I try to hold her evening bottle (last one!) away to make her say it but she throws a fit so that doesn't work. Charlie is another word that I know she says but it kind of changes regularly.

Cameron definitely understands a lot more than she speaks. Key examples include:
  • Give that to Mama.
  • Where's Charlie?
  • Where are your socks? Your shoes?
  • Do you want to go outside?
  • Where is your swing?
  • Time to get into your car seat.
  • It's time for school.
  • Are you hungry? Do you want some dinner?
  • Where's your paci?
  • It's time to change your diaper.
  • Do you want milk?

As I'm sure you can imagine, some of the statements or questions result in excited noises. Others, I'm looking at you diaper change (!), result in crying and throwing herself around. I have done exactly zero research on how Cameron compares in her language development with other toddlers. I assume she is statistically average and don't worry about it. Of course, now that I've written it down, I have to ask the experts (aka my readers) do you think she's on track? Any funny words that your kids starting saying early that just made you shake your head or laugh?


Rebecca M. said...

Since Dominick and Cameron share the same birthday and almost every single milestone - why should language be any different?

Dominick calls for Dada and sometimes Mama. He can clearly (to us anyway) say Ozzie. He says it when ever he sees the little pug.

Dominick understands lots of the same questions, often w/ the same flailing reaction to diaper change. He hates it!

One thing that is different with Dominick is we are using sign language. He signs all done, more, milk, eat and we're working on please, paci, ouch/hurt.

Your little girl's right on track! Don't worry a bit!

Stephanie said...

Jesse was like that with "Dada" and "Mama", too. It was all dada, all the time and rarely a mama. I think I actually teared up the first time he called me that in front of a room full of people.

We did what Rebecca is doing and used common signs to help with the 'translation' (mama, dada, bottle, all done, etc.) It REALLY helps with their frustration levels.

She seems to be doing well for her age group. I wouldn't sweat it. There are still kids Jesse's age (20 months) that only say Mama/Dada. They all go at their own pace.

In fact, I was prepared for Jesse to be a late bloomer, since they say boys speak later, but, boy, were we floored when he started using three word sentences recently!

Sorry she's not (and you're not) feeling well again!!!

Drew said...

Joel is way behind in age and language skills, so I dare not say a thing - though he has said Dada and Mama once or twice... flukes though...

But, I have a friend who has a 15 month old. And if you ask her (the baby that is) what a lion says, she roars. It is the cutest thing ever. I am sure Cameron is at least on par, but understanding all of those things must make her a cut above! I think it is just the repetition that is important. Thank you for helping me know that I should be repeating some things to my guy now!

Danielle said...

Kids are all over the map on language! Cameron sounds right on track though. I looked back through my blog and at 13-14 months Brady said a few words. Mommy, Daddy, kitty (diddy), that (dat), no, and a few others. By 18-19 months Brady was forming 3 and 4 word sentences.

Brady, though, is advanced verbally. Once kids are a little older, I feel like they take a concentration. Brady's is definitely language. But he didn't jump with two feet off the ground until recently. At 2.5 some of the kids Brady plays with still say things like "want dat" and "I hungry" and some talk like him. "Mommy, I'm hungry and I want, ummmm, some fishy crackers please."

It is SO exciting when they start to talk! Before you know it you will be having whole conversations with her!!

Oh and I do recommend sign language. Get the signing times DVDs. Brady did sign language when he was younger and I do think it really helped in verbalizing.