Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time to hit the road

Sorry I've been so remiss in posting lately. Work has been crazy and I also took the past two days off. It was wonderful to have two whole entire days to myself. Of course DH is happy I'm back at work because I did a lot of shopping over the past two days.

It's no surprise to the regular readers of this blog that I've been having some work challenges. That's a pretty inoffensive way to put it, right? More strongly worded language can be found here or here.

Just a short two weeks ago I ramped up my efforts to find a new position and it fortunately paid off in spades. Starting Monday I will be in a completely different division at BigFinance. Never have I been so happy to tell people that I am transitioning my current role over to someone else.

This is a lateral move for me but there is substantially more opportunity for career growth and title and pay increases. I'm looking forward to the challenges that come with starting a new job: Learning all the new players. Figuring out how to really get work done. Learning how to manage my boss. Etc.

Another big change for me is that I will now be commuting to uptown Charlotte rather than out to the suburbs. This will require me to pay for parking but overall my commute should be reduced by about 10 minutes. Another plus is that there are a lot more eating options and a lot more colleagues and friends who work uptown so I can socialize more with lunches or after work events.

I am not really clear yet on what my new role is but I do know that I am ready for a change. I am very happy that I work for such a big company that supports a fluid workforce and is focused on promoting talent. Of course check back with me in 6 months and I could be bitching again. But hey, that's life!


Tenny Kusuma said...

CONGRATS and good luck on your new (job) position. It sounds so excciting...:)

Tenny @ Simply A Mom

Donna said...

Congratulations! I am happy for you - I know it has been difficult and stressful for you...Congrats again!!!

LauraC said...

Good luck with the new job!

And looks like I will be in Charlotte in July by myself. MUST meet up and I will bring my camera for some Cameron pics. More details as it gets closer!

Stephanie said...

That's so awesome, Stacey!! Congrats!

A. said...

How do all those eating options fit in with WW? ;-)

I'm happy for you!

T. said...

Congratulations - that is fantastic news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! we're thrilled for you, and anxious to know about new work assignment (Global risks?. . .sounds pertinent. . .and exciting!) lots of love, Mimi and Papa
ps--to Allison. . .assume you mean weight-watchers. . .not to worry, she won't have time to eat!:)