Friday, May 21, 2010

That really bites

DH had a late meeting yesterday so I was the one to pick Cameron up from school. It was kind of crazy when I got there as they had just consolidated two classrooms (waddler and infant) and it seemed like every single baby was crying. Per usual Cameron had decided that her Pebble's ponytail wasn't for her and removed the band creating a major bouffant. If she had a little gel she would have been channeling Elvis.

The teacher told me that there had been an incident so I had to sign the report form. I didn't immediately pick up on the use of the word "incident" vs. "accident". I pulled out the report with Cameron in my arms attempting to grab at the paper. I glanced down and saw the words "fight" and "bite". Immediately I started laughing. I said to the teacher, "So, Cameron got her first bite today, huh." The teacher was impressed I took it so well but I knew that biting was only a matter of time. I'm just glad it wasn't Cameron doing the biting! One of the mom's in my play group told me about a phone call she got when her son was bit 4 times (!) in the same day. Cameron had two little teeth marks on her left arm but they were gone by this morning.

Here is the report:
Cameron and her friends were playing on the playground happily. Suddenly Cameron and the other child argued over the toy and the other child bit her on the left arm. We washed the area and applied lots of TLC.

Like most daycares, ours has a policy that you don't share the name of the child doing the biting with the bitee. To date, Cameron hasn't been much of a biter. She likes to pinch me sometimes (and always the boob like she knows that's the worst spot) but aside from some quasi kisses that don't quite go the right way, she keeps her fangs barred. Neither DH or I involve any mock biting with our play so I'm sure that helps. I'm also sure that Cameron will be the biter at some point. I just hope it won't become a regular occurrence.

Any funny stories about biting that you want to share?


LauraC said...

My best biting story is one time I had to sign two incident reports in the 1s room.

1. A "friend" bit Nate and Nate bit that "friend" back.
2. Alex bit a "friend" and that "friend" bit him back.

I actually asked them if I could keep them for the boys' baby book. And we made a new policy that if the boys hurt each other, I only have to sign one incident report. I don't think they can legally put names but they put brother instead of friend now.

Donna said...

My 1st was bitten repeatedly and ended learning to bite. He was threatened by the daycare to be thrown out. Long story short we found a new daycare and removed him. My second comes by biting honestly. Loves to bite! Yes I am that mother, the mother of the biters!

Amanda said...

Holden has been bitten 3 times by the same "friend" and this week he got him back as we were the one's told Holden did the bitting. Even though he only has 4 teeth.

A. said...

Don't you love it how everyone at daycare is a "friend"? With friends like these...

Just wait until she's older. Then, while the teachers may not be allowed to tell you who the biter is, she'll be fully capable of telling you herself. And getting told ON, if she's the biter :-).