Monday, June 29, 2009

Illness: 1 Family: 2

I'm giving us the win on this one. After a very long, frustrating Saturday night DH and I managed to defeat Cameron's first cold. She still has some sniffles and a touch of a cough but considering how well she slept last night I would say the worst is behind us. I've decided to document our approach here for future reference.

1. Call the pediatrician's office. Neither of us wanted to go into for a sick appointment and Cameron's fever was only 99.5 which didn't worry us. I called to ask about what medications I could use to alleviate some of her symptoms. Because Cameron is over 12 pounds she could get some medications. Otherwise they didn't need to see her unless her cold lasted longer than a week or her fever spiked above 101 degrees.

2. Humidifier. It was packed away after the winter but we pulled it out and DH bought some extra filters.

3. Medication. Interestingly I don't really self-medicate but I am an adult and can handle feeling miserable from symptoms. Cameron can't. I gave her two doses of Tylenol over a 24 hour period. I also used a saline spray twice. She screamed for about a minute while I was administering and suctioning it out but seemed much more comfortable after. The doctor's office said we can give her 2.5 mL (1/2 a teaspoon) of Benadryl. I gave that to her just before her last bottle and she was out like a light.

4. Boppy. Instead of placing a pillow under the crib mattress I decided to use the Boppy as a way to elevate Cameron while she was sleeping. I used it for naps during the day and she slept for 90 minutes at a stretch. It worked just as well through the night.

DH had to do one pacifier insertion at around 1:30 AM. After that I had to wake her up at 4 AM for a feeding and then again at 6:30. She has no fever and coughed only twice before heading out to school. I claim success! Is there anything else experienced parents recommend for the next time. Sigh. Yes, I know there will be a next time...

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LauraC said...

I can't think of anything else. Some people recommend vicks as the kids get older but we never saw success the few times we used it.

I thought I would be a non-medicating mom but seeing how much relief it brings my kids, we always have motrin and tylenol on hand. We've always called it yummy and the boys actually get excited to take it, drinking it out of the cup themselves now.