Monday, January 25, 2010

An American Idol leak?

American Idol has been very good about keeping stuff under wraps until the live shows air. But according to blogger Joe, the Season 9 Top 24 finalists have already been identified and a copy was leaked.

I did take a look but frankly, don't remember too many of these folks from their auditions. I'll probably check back again after Hollywood Week and see if any of them popped for me. Regardless, nothing will beat the elevator ride of doom that each of the Top 50 contestants take to find out if they make it to the Top 24. You think they will do sing offs this year? I hope so, that was one of my only "likes" from the "improvements" introduced last season.

Any hot contestants from last week auditions that you are routing for? Personally I grind my teeth every time I hear a person talk about how much their life will be changed if they make it to Hollywood. Really? Your life will be changed from a one week trip to Hollywood where you will get exactly one half day to do tourist things and the rest of the time will be spent manufacturing drama? Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

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