Friday, January 29, 2010

American Idol: predictions and promises

After next week we are finally through the audition rounds. I think that the producers have done a better job this season of showing us good contestants but they still spend far too much time on back stories for the pathetics that have no shot. I much prefer the montages. Who really wants to see sparkly girl for 5 minutes? She sucked in Season 1 and we can only be happy to see the age 28 flashed next to her name as a promise that she won't be returning to audition even if AI makes it to Dallas again.

A few other comments about Wednesday's Dallas auditions. First of all, I heart Neil Patrick Harris. I loved him in Doogie Howser, MD. Thought he was pretty kick ass in Starship Troopers and live for him in How I Met Your Mother. I even watched his opening monologue for the Emmy's, that's how much I love him. Obviously the producers felt the same way since he got 2/3 of the show and Joe Jonas got about 15 words total. Most of them being "yes." Is Joe the married one? I can't keep those guys straight. I'm sure by the time Cameron reach tween status they will be long gone so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Whip girl was much better when she sang the Barney song than her En Vogue mess. And yes, Mommy, Esq., she obviously had a nose job some time between her years on Barney and the audition. I thought she was pretty obnoxious but Simon told her she had moxie or something BS like that. I also disagreed with the rainbow and sunshine they blew up the ass of the 16 year old girl with the little brother who was WAY too into her. That was creepy. I actually thought she kind of sucked but the judges loved her. Her pathetic sob story was that her parents were divorced and had each remarried. Um, join about 50% of American kids.

Speaking of sob stories, the dock worker's age was listed as 29. I guess if they are 28 in the year of the audition they qualify? I thought they had to be 28 in the year of the live show. If someone knows the real answer, please write in.

I'm trying to give Kara a break this year. Instead I'm going to focus my hate on Randy. A "million, bazillion percent"? Dude, not cool. He hasn't updated his cliches or lingo in quite a few seasons. Dawg.

Based on the golden tickets given so far I think the girls have an edge this year. Frankly, they need it. For the past two years the top 2 have been guys. Not that they didn't deserve it, they totally did. So I'm predicting a first place win for a girl this season. Write it down. Oh, I guess I just did.

My other promise/prediction is that when Simon leaves after this season I could be done recapping the greatness and awfulness that is American Idol. We'll see. But Simon is a big part of why I love the show and recapping is a big commitment. Particularly when I'm used to going to bed by 9:30 PM. It's all for you that I stay up until 10 or 10:30 during the first few weeks of Idol. And that's why I'm the dawg.


Amanda said...

I have stopped watching but Jeremy still does. I'll miss your commentary if you stop posting after Simon leaves. I might pick up the show again once they go to Hollywood but it is competing with my Biggest loser addiction in the same time slot.

Jordan said...

What I really don't like about Kara is her reaction to a good singer. She sits there staring straight ahead with an intense look and shakes her head back and forth slightly like she's stone-cold grooving. She does the same shit every time. It's so annoying to me. And yes, the "*insert annoying fake number here* percent yes" comments are so played out.

I thought Barney girl was pretty cute. Wouldn't mind seeing more of her.