Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cameron: ten months old

Dear Cameron,

Today you are ten months old. You love nothing better than to have Mommy or Daddy sitting on the floor with you while you play.

Whenever you finish a bottle in your room you insist on standing next to the ottoman and rocking it back and forth while cooing and laughing. I would enjoy it more if you finished your bottle regularly first!
This month has also seen you starting to assert your independence. The head shake is back and used primarily for food related requests. Vegetables? Head shake. Cheerios? Hand reaching forward to grab. You have also made your preference for Cheerios known by screeching when Daddy or I walk over to the cabinets to get some food for you. I give in a lot more often than Daddy does. You better be careful...Daddy will definitely be the disciplinarian!

Another new trick is arching your back and trying to scoot off the changing table pad. I can usually distract you with a bottle or shoe to play with while changing you.

I am officially declaring in this blog post that you have said your first word, "Charlie." DH and I knew it would be your first word because it is probably the word we say the most often besides Cameron. While you still lack the language control to say the "ch" Daddy and I can definitely make out what you are saying. Up next? Hopefully Mommy!

You have learned how to fairly gracefully tip yourself over from a sitting position and start crawling. After a lap or two around the room you scoot under the coffee table and poke your head up right next to Mommy's feet. I can't resist scooping you up and giving you a kiss before you squirm away and insist on being stood up on your own two feet. You are already growing up far too quickly.

We can't wait to see what you will do next!

Mommy and Daddy

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Helen said...

Those monkey pajamas are ridonculous:)