Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Bit by bit Cameron is becoming more mobile. She still does commando crawling so she hasn't figured out how to sit up from a horizontal position. But I'm sure she's close.

DH and I have been trapped inside with Cameron all weekend because of the 2 or so inches of wintery mix that hit Charlotte on Friday night. All of my appointments for the weekend were cancelled and most stores are still closed as of writing this on Sunday afternoon. It's very annoying and makes me feel like I might have to play catch up this week.

But why should my pain be your pain? Instead, enjoy these photos from the last week.

Cameron gets leverage now while searching through her toy bin for that perfect toy.
Cameron is suspicious.
This look does not bode well for future adolescence!
Think it's time we got our act together and really baby proof?
Cameron now enjoys pulling herself up and looking out the window.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Very cute - I actually am seeing more similarities between her and Penny - maybe it's the shared clothes.

Big Dreamer said...

Your baby is so cute!