Monday, January 4, 2010

Bring it on, 2010!

2009 was wonderful, due in no small part to a little munchkin pie we like to call Cameron. True, she did manage to become very sick on New Year's Eve day but was back to her old self by Sunday. Just in time for Mommy and Daddy to return to work!

These past few weeks have been nice and quiet at work. Most of BigFinance associates take the two weeks between Christmas and New Year's off which meant I received about 10 emails a day. Max. I managed to catch up on a few things like training and reflected on successes and challenges while completing my annual self evaluation. Bottom line? I rocked. Now let's just see if BigFinance agrees....

DH and I made a couple of resolutions to kick start 2010. I won't share them with you but they aren't monumental. Just a few things we should be doing to be happier, healthier and more us.

I'll be posting more photos later this week to showcase the visit we just enjoyed from our friends Stacy and Janusz. We still haven't been able to convince them to move back to Charlotte (dammit!) although it's probably for the best considering the state of my liver yesterday.

I would also mention that we are T minus 8 days for American Idol Season 9 to premiere. Yes it is that magical time once again. This season should be particularly interesting sans Paula and with new judge Ellen. I am hopeful that the producers will decide that's enough drama and get rid of the group sings to make up the Top 12. I really, really hated the group sings they had last season. It meant we only got to see each contestant perform once before the Top 12 were selected. Don't the producers realize how hard that makes ranking our American Idol pools?

Welcome to 2010, folks! And remember, at least this time we can call the decade the teens rather than something stupid like the aughts.

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Looking forward to your recaps!!