Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol: Top 24 Part 2

The first part of the recap on who has been ushered through to potential stardom (or obscurity if you are Taylor Hicks) can be found here.

Despite Simon not remembering her, Janell Wheeler does a nice job with her first round in Hollywood Week. Not so good were her group and final auditions. She seems genuinely nice and is also very pretty and blond. That will help because she is in. I'm sure it will also help that she's willing to wear micro-minis.

Tyler Grady comes up and Kara is kind of in love with him. If you don't remember him he is the guy who fell out of a tree and broke both wrists. With his hair and lean looks it seems like Casey has some competition! He is designated Boy #5 and more hopes are dashed in the waiting room. I kind of like Tyler's sense of humor and fell a little bit in love with him when he smoothly shook Ryan's hand post The Chair and didn't say anything else.

We get a flashback from last season when we see the end of the sing off between current contestant Lacey Brown and Megan Joy. Dude, remember Megan? She of the weird voice who lasted far too long with her crazy dance moves? Somehow despite losing to the awfulness that was Megan and Simon announcing that the ladies' competition was uber strong this season she makes it as girl #5. I miss the sing off. It's probably the only thing I miss from last season.

Ashley Rodriguez who I'm sure Ryan will nickname A-Rod due to his level of originality is one of the most talented girls, in my opinion. She is quickly through. Let me pause here for a minute to talk about air time vs. success in the America votes part of the competition. I actually think that a few special cases aside (I'm looking at you Gokey), the contestants who get the most audition air time tend to do worse overall. Do I have statistics to back me up? Nope. Just a gut feel after watching 7 previous seasons. Yes, that's right. I didn't see the first season. Don't judge.

Alex Lambert and Joe Munoz are quickly guy #6 and #7. I'm sure I will incorrectly call Alex "Adam" until he is voted off.

Crystal Bowersox, she of the new tattoo to honor her son, is up next. Simon rightly tells her that she appears to think she is too good for the show. But her voice is all kinds of awesomeness. I do hope that she makes it to the makeover portion of the show so that she can get veneers or at least teeth whitening done by the show. I think she has a chance to go far but I do hope she gets rid of the dread locks before the live show starts. I didn't like it on Castro and I definitely don't like it on her.

Post montage of people who have already been let through we see Katie Stevens again. Her particular sob story is that of a grandmother with Alzheimer's. She's very cute and I think if she makes it she will go to the Top 12. Ellen doesn't screw with her very much and Katie is in.

Quick montage of people who don't make it. Thank goodness weird glasses girl was among them. Also cut was squeaky voice girl who flew from Italy to audition. Angela Martin is in her third attempt to make it. You might remember Angela as the girl who had to leave Hollywood Week last year because she had a bench warrant out against her. A dead daddy and a daughter with serious mental and health issues Angela probably has the best/worst sob story of them all. To no avail, however, as she is cut.

Lilly Scott has a wonderful jazz style. I commented before how much she sounds like Ella Fitzgerald. Interestingly her look is more reminiscent of Stevie Nicks. She needs to lay of the eye liner. The judges make the right call and Lilly is in the Top 24.

Paige Miles who we've never seen is through as is Siobhan (glass blower). Side note, DH toyed with the idea of naming Cameron Siobhan before she was born. I put the kibosh on it quickly. Even reading it now I have to struggle to pronounce it. Yes, I know how to say it but the letters don't match the pronunciation.

Also through is Michelle Delamor, Jermaine S and John Park.

Haeley Vaughn is in and Tori Kelly is OUT. Sorry, a little Heidi Klum flashback there. Haeley has a chance to do really well or completely crash and burn. Song selection will be critical for the wanna be black country singer.

Thaddeus Johnson vs. Andrew Garcia. Thad has this odd Kid 'N Play vibe with his hair. His mother is a little too enthusiastic. DH said he's be in but there are no girl spots left. Cruel but also factual. Does anyone even wonder who is in? I thought not. Andrew Garcia is a little old for the competition, and, let's face it, he's probably the least attractive of all the guys, but there's something about his style I really like.

OK, time to wrap it up.

Aaron Kelly
Todrick Hall
Alex Lambert
Casey James
John Park
Jose Munoz
Jermaine Sellers
Tim Urban
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche
Tyler Grady

Ashley Rodriguez
Haeley Vaughn
Janell Wheeler
Katelyn Epperly
Katie Stevens
Lacey Brown
Lilly Scott
Michelle Delamor
Didi Bemani
Crystal Bowersox
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus


Mommy, Esq. said...

Haeley Vaughn is super annoying - can't stand that cutesy lisp and hair bows. Ack.

E said...

I love your recaps, if nothing else than to give me something for fodder in my pool updates weekly. The reason that the leaks earlier were wrong is because the guy with the frizzy blond hair who was never named or shown in the last 2 episodes was cut because he started blabbing all over Florida that he made top 24. Therefore, the Todrick guy is in. 32 weeks + here, can't believe it's gone so quickly!