Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lost, Ugly Betty and other TV thoughts

My grandmother is probably appalled that I am writing a third post in a row about TV but hey, I am a child of the 80s! I promise to follow up with a cute Cameron post.

Last week ABC announced that they were not going to renew Ugly Betty. And I found myself bummed. I was considering dropping this show from my play list earlier in the season but have been impressed with the new story lines and advancement of the shows characters. I love the look of the show with the white walls and bright colors and most of the characters are endearing, even Vanessa Williams' character. Apparently I am a poor predictor of America's taste because last year I predicted that The Forgotten would last maybe a handful of episodes. But Christian Slater seems to have found his TV vehicle and the show is still around. Anyone else have a secret crush on Ugly Betty and wishes it had been renewed?

Last night I sat down to watch Lost. And perhaps it was the two (OK, three) glasses of wine, but I was extremely disappointed. I have loved the juxtaposition of story lines last season (Losties on the Island, Losties in LA) but don't think that it is working this season. Kate's interactions with Claire felt forced like the writers knew they needed the two characters to be connected in the alternate timeline and did it in the sloppiest way possible. I'm also not sure I like the new Others that have been introduced. I was looking forward to having more answers (and true, we have gotten some, like "Locke" being the smoke monster) and feel like by introducing a whole new group of people we are still getting more questions and characters that aren't insisting on answers. I realize that not every episode can be flawless and I hope that the writers were just trying to advance the plot and that resulted in the sloppy dialogue. There were actual times that I laughed out loud at the dialogue. Like when Hurley and Miles agreed to leave Jack alone with Sayid. I don't have the dialogue on hand but let me assure you that real people would never talk like that.

I'm worried that Lost will end up going down the X-Files rat hole. The X-Files knew it was ending so it attempted to wrap up lots of loose ends with its mythology. Instead it ended up contradicting itself and leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I'm hopeful that because the writers on Lost have known this season was to be the last for a long time that they will weave a tapestry equal to Jacob's. If you are a Lost fanatic, I encourage you to check out my friend Helen's blog for more insights and discussions. What do you think about the final season? Living up to the hype?


Merri Ann said...

I like that you take your blog and do something other than always talk about family ... I think it's fun to talk about this subject, too.

I only saw Lost the first season and then gave up. I also never saw Ugly Betty. But you mentioned X-Files and it reminded me of the new show on Fox called Fringe. I try to see that when it's on. Do you like that one?

Jordan said...

First, there's nothing wrong with writing about TV (see my blog). Second, you are spot-on with your analysis of Lost. I also am not impressed with the new season. I don't want new characters in the final season of the show. I find myself not caring about the Asian guy or his John Lennon friend. Fringe's exploration of alternate timelines is far more superior than the method Lost is taking now. I suppose Abrams may be more involved with Fringe at this point in time.

Also, I didn't think anyone watched Ugly Betty anymore.

Anonymous said...

You are right about your grandmother's disappointment.:)
But, more importantly, can't believe you were not watching the Olympics. Love to you all, and be sure to watch the skaters from Venice tonight.

LauraC said...

I have to disagree on the Lost assessment. Jon and I have been rewatching the entire series from the start and it is INCREDIBLE on rewatching how they laid the groundwork for this season starting in the first season. It's given me an all-new appreciation of the show.

I also find it interesting to see the characters and how their lives would have ended up if they had not crashed. The overwhelming theme is why do they all want off the island when they were going back to such terrible fates?

In general I have found Lost to be up and down. One great episode is usually followed by a crap episode.

Drew said...

My jury is still out on Lost. But, I have to admit, I am really worried about this last season. I never liked Claire's character, and I think her acting skills is the reason why, so the fact that she is back now is worrying me. Sawyer, my favorite, is at his best when he is in a good mood. So, I am sad that it looks like we will have cranky depressed Sawyer for the remainder of the season. Also, I do not get the Other Others and how they may fit in with the real Others. Did Linus not know about this temple? When he had cancer why didnt he just go in the water? I just can't believe the temple all the sudden has a ton of people in it, people from the plane that are angry? I am hoping that it gets less confusing. I re-watched the whole series for this, and I really thought it was going to be good. Hmmmm.