Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moving on up

Tomorrow will be Cameron's last day in the infant room. Sniff. My little baby at ten months old is moving up to the older infant room. Fortunately she already knows the teachers because she's spent some time there. Plus, we will still drop her off in the same room as the older and younger infants are together until critical mass is reached and they separate off into different rooms.

This past weekend DH and I chatted about the timing for moving her to the next room and when I dropped Cameron off on Monday I spoke with her main teacher about it. Coincidentally, Miss Tanya told me she had been thinking the same thing...I guess great minds really do think alike! I wasn't quite prepared for how quickly it would happen but Cameron is by far the oldest in the young infant room, by a few months.

I'm hopeful that it will help Cameron developmentally. She has plateaued a bit with her crawling and pulling up skills. All of the older infants are walking so I have a feeling it will serve as an inspiration to her. Not that we've even baby proofed yet! In speaking with one of her "new" teachers I learned that all of the kids go down for naps right after breakfast and a little bit after lunch. That meshes nicely with Cameron's nap schedule so an added benefit could be longer naps. Of course the correlated effect would be dropping her third nap but I don't know of many other 10 month olds who still regularly take a third nap, do you?

I know that every daycare is set up differently but for those of you who experienced the younger/older infant split, how did your kid(s) handle the transition? Anything I should be aware of or ask about before Monday rolls around?


Working Mom said...

My oldest two were both in full-time daycare, and they would transition the infants to the older infant room, letting them spend the afternoon in the new room but having them eat and nap in the baby room. That way the kids got to know their new surroundings and the staff but had the comfort of the familiar settings and faces for a week or two. You may want to ask how she's handled the transition, if they do that at your daycare. I'm sure Cameron will enjoy having new places to explore and new friends.

Anonymous said...

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