Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's something about that hat

I have a winter hat. It's probably four or more years old. I think I got it marked down from Old Navy one spring. It's gotten kind of dingy over the years but it's simple and it keeps my head warm. What more to ask for?

I'm always cold. It's a running joke between me and DH. So during the two week cold snap in Charlotte I found myself wearing it indoors. After all, everyone knows you lose 85% of your body heat through your head. Right? Well, maybe not.

So I was keeping myself warm through my cozy hat and my thick woolen socks. But Cameron saw my hat as something more than just a utlitarian piece of clothing. She saw something hysterical. I picked Cameron up while wearing the hat and she immediately screeched in happiness and started tugging at the brim. Now all I have to do to get her in a good mood is put the hat on, pick her up and let her pull the hat down over my eyes.

Here is my hat...keeping me warm and Cameron happy the winter of 2009/2010.


Mommy, Esq. said...

My kids love my hat and their own - they know it means they are leaving the house. The other day I was getting the kids ready to leave and Ned handed me my hat as if to say "Okay, let's go". But be warned, if you take out their hats or jackets or EVEN SHOES they insist we have to go somewhere. I mean, shoes = outside, right?

Donna said...

My kids seem to like the towel turban I put on my head after a shower or such. They get crazy for that!