Monday, February 22, 2010

The post where I admit I was wrong

It has been just over two weeks since Cameron was moved out of the little infant room into the Waddler room. I love that name because it is so apt. Ironic that pregnant women waddle too, isn't it? The plan is for Cameron to stay there until sometime after she hits the two mark. So I had better really like the teachers and the curriculum.

And guess what? I do! I know, I will pause here where you all gasp in shock that I am comfortable and happy with our daycare situation.

I really like the main teacher, Miss Melba. She is extremely engaged with the kids and always on the floor playing or singing to them. There is also a more defined curriculum than the eating, sleeping and pooping that we experienced in the Infant room. They teach them how to eat on their own, sitting in little chairs at a long table with their own bowls and plates and utensils. How freaking cute is that? Cameron is in the high chair but she'll be down there as soon as she starts walking. So basically any day.

Another adorable thing they have the the waddlers do is wash their hands after having their diapers changed. I actually got to witness this and I almost cried it was so cute. Miss Melba flipped Cameron over to her belly and had her move up to the attached sink. A dab of soap, splashes of water and a quick dry with a paper towel. I must try to take a video so I can post it here.

Cameron plays really, really hard all day long. Sometimes that means she only takes one nap. And guess what? I don't stress about it! I know, another shocking revelation from the sleep queen. We still leverage the third nap as a tool to keep Cameron from being overly tired. DH loves that he can just pick her up, she almost conks out in the car and he puts her down for a 45 minute or hour nap.

I'm also convinced that the physical development Cameron has shown over the past week is due in no small part to watching and learning from the other waddlers. She absolutely loves to watch the "older" kids and emulate them. My little munchkin is growing up far too quickly!

A nice tasty treat for Cameron as a reward for pulling herself up.
Annoyance at having her picture taken. AGAIN.
I knew that Cameron would love playing with this enormous packages of toilet paper. Isn't it funny how kids get enthralled with odd things?
A rare Cameron and Mommy shot.
Um, think it is time for us to baby proof? So far we've installed the interior latches for key (aka low) cabinets and drawers and also installed baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. That's it for now. But I'm sure we'll need to do more as Cameron starts really walking.


barbashlack2 said...

She is so photogenic!!!

Working Mom said...

No gasping here! It's working for you, and more importantly, Cameron is safe, happy, and cared for - what more could you ask for? My two oldest THRIVED in daycare, and since I had to work fulltime, it was what worked for us. The Baby isn't in daycare at all, and I definitely notice differences, particularly with his speech delay.

I even remember one snow day where I didn't have to work. Pregnant with the Middle Child, I thought the Oldest and I would have a great day together. His response? "I want to go to school and play with my FRIENDS!!!!" Yeah, he liked it.

Jet Ski Grammy said...

You are the proud receipiant of my first comment with my official name and surprise, suprise it has to do with my adorable granddaughter and not some truly stupid TV show...remember when I told you about beign prevents ulcers