Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cure for the snoring blues?

DH and I are normally very compatible sleepers. We both enjoy quiet (no TV in our room!), a little on the chilly side and of course, Charlie snuggled right between us. Unfortunately that quiet has been broken by the loud sound of snoring.

It all started about a month ago when Cameron, DH and I all got sick in a row. DH was miserable and I got tired of telling him to roll over and stop snoring. I am an extraordinarily light sleeper so as soon as he started I would wake up. Pure torture. So one night at about 2 AM I went into the guest room, drew the blinds and slept wonderfully.

Fast forward a few more weeks and now I am the one torturing DH with the dulcet tones of my snores. For a few nights it didn't wake him until 4 or 5 AM. He did what he usually does and decided to just get up for the day. Crazy, isn't he? I mean, I have no problem falling back to sleep at any point during the night/morning. Even if it is 5 minutes before I'm supposed to get up!

This weekend was particularly bad as I continued with congestion. DH ended up retreating to the guest room twice. Finally last night I told him that I would just sleep in the guest room from the get go so that we could both get some decent sleep. And it was heavenly! No DH telling me to roll over a hundred times in a row. No loud snores from me to wake him up and cause him to lie there fuming. And if I were him, I'd totally be fuming.

So, has anyone else experienced this situation in your marriage or relationships? What did you do to conquer the snoring blues? Will DH and I be destined to sleep apart several nights a week just to get sleep?


Danielle said...

Breath Right Strips!!! We started using them when we were both sick a few years ago. Totally works! Try it.
We have a choice between sleeping with each other or sleeping on the couch, so we had to find a solution to sickness snoring.
We've been wishing we could use one on Brady. Poor thing has been snoring with his stuffy nose. But the kid ones are for older kids.

Working Mom said...

Danielle's right - Breathe Right Strips ROCK! You can also try a Sudafed before bed (to decongest), the old-fashioned Vick's Vapor Rub under a flannel nightgown (still works as well as when we were kids), and Ayr saline gel (keeps your nose from drying out). Helps in our house.

Dawn said...

I hope the breathe right strips work. Joe snores something fierce. About 7 years ago I said I didn't think I could continue sleeping in the same room with him for the next 50 years with his monster snoring. He decided to go in for a sleep study and now wears a C-Pap machine for sleep apnea. It changed his life and I can tell when he hasn't used it (falls asleep all night on the couch) because he is so grouchy the next day.

It might be worth looking into if it's really bad. But it sounds like your snoring might be just cold induced. Just thought I'd share my two cents though.

Rebecca M. said...

I share my bed with two Olympic athletes of snoring… yes two. My darling husband and my pug Ozzie. They both snore so loudly that sometimes I can’t tell who’s snoring! I’ve learned to sleep through most of it, but when I do awaken to the sound of the train coming through I ask my husband to roll over or give my pug a nudge. Neither are too happy about being woken up. My husband has found some success with the breath right strips. But do you think I can get one of those on my pug’s nose… not a chance, but I’d pay to see someone try! Hang in there.

Donna said...

Well it all depends on the problem. We tried all the over the counter stuff and it does not work (we used all the stuff other posters are noting), if sleep apnea is actually the issue. DH has sleep apnea and short of an operation, he has to use his Darth Vader mask. If he doesn't use it, I end up waking him or just leaving the room. It isn't nice and I sleep on the couch more than I would really want to do.

a said...

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