Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hollywood Week: Top 24

Apparently I didn't miss much by not completing the last episode since only 7 of the Top 24 were revealed. Before I get started with the results I do have to admit that I am dragging this season on posting recaps of the show. I need some inspiration to keep going as the two hour twice a week shows get started next week. So if you want me to keep the recaps up, please post a comment!

I found a great article on the myths and realities of the audition process if you are interested. You can find the article here. And I breath a sigh of relief that the audition process is officially over after tonight.

Up first to face the Chair is the baby daddy, Michael Lynche. I liked this guy in all of his auditions but think he won't go too far in the regular competition. He just doesn't have the range of many of the other guys. Oh, did I forget to mention he's in after crying his way from the waiting room to The Chair on stage? Well, it's no wonder because his dad spilled the beans to the entire world a few weeks ago and almost got Big Mike kicked out. Good job, Grandpa!

Following Michael is Didi who I really, really liked in her original audition even if she did suck up to Kara by singing one of her songs. She reminds me of all the good things I liked about Brooke White. We also found out (or were supposed to know already? so hard to keep track of the sob stories) that her best friend kicked the bucket and that was her inspiration for trying out. It also lead to her ASPCA Sarah McLachlan song. After being dicked around for a bit she's in. Guess what? She cries. I feel like I should create a macro for that phrase. We'll see it a lot this season.

Two up and two in. The more intelligent contestants (is that an oxymoron?) are probably counting their odds and not liking it.

Another girl, Katelyn Epperly is invited to The Chair next. I vaguely remember her whining about her parents' divorce in the auditions. Katelyn has hair that reminds me of my college freshman roommate. AKA awesome. Ellen does an excellent job of screwing with her but Katelyn is in. I don't think she'll make the Top 12, however. She is just a little too serious and not in a good Adam Lambert kind of way.

A third girl, Shelby, who didn't do so well at Hollywood Week aside from her last performance, is up next. As she properly notes, her odds are not good and we say good-bye to her hopes for the Top 24. Simon liked her so Shelby could have gone far (because we all know Simon is usually right) but majority rules and Randy gives the pink slip. DH is happy because of her oddly tilted mouth. He wasn't looking forward to seeing her talk out of only one side of her mouth regularly.

Casey Jones who completely redeemed himself from his embarrassing shirtless, hair down audition is the next guy to approach the stage. He did a really great job at Hollywood Week and I think aside from his audition faux paux he has a shot to go pretty far. After all, Casey can play an instrument and has a good package. What? I was talking about the singing, playing and overall look. Needless to say, after a quick reference to his flowing locks, Casey is through. The only caveat to Casey's potential success is that his personality isn't so great. He needs to work on that. We'll see how he does kibitzing with Ryan.

A teeny bopper type, Aaron Kelly follows. He made the unpardonable sin of forgetting the lyrics during group sing. Aaron really has a Federline type thing going, doesn't he? We didn't see much of Aaron during auditions but he has a nice talent and the tweens will love him. Ellen wants to pet him and tells Aaron he's through.

Lee D. didn't do so well during auditions including forgetting the words to one of the biggest hits of 2009. He's obviously not making it through but we still have to suffer through his clips. Kara in her space worthy shirt questions Lee's commitment to being a star and owning the stage. Somehow Lee skates through and I scratch my head for the first time.

Todrick who should go an audition for a dance show is up next. He's the guy who we saw performing back flips constantly. Todrick compares himself to Fantasia despite no experience singing. Kara doesn't even say anything other than "yes."

Moving right along, we see Jessica Furney. She strikes me as a little bit of a stalker. Attempting to appear cool she lounges in the leather Chair. Total wimp move to replace the stark Chair of past seasons. Regardless, Randy cuts her quickly and Jessica starts begging. Not a good look. Despite the montage of happy Top 24 contestants we kind of end on a low note.

OK, American Idol decided to screw with me so I will not be recapping the 7 guys and 10 girls still be announced until tomorrow. I will note that aside from Todrick, so far the leaked Top 24 list from a few weeks ago is accurate.


Amanda said...

I will miss the recaps b/c you make it so I don't have to watch the show but know what Jeremy is talking about when he brings up AI

Natalie said...

all i can say is thank god you are back, i don't know what i would do without your updates!!!

A. said...

You can't leave us hanging, we're just getting to the good part! I could care less about the auditions but am looking forward to the real competition.

T. said...

AI wouldn't be nearly as fun without your recaps!!