Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AI Season 8 Auditions: Louisville

Te begin with, Paula looked fabulous in her blue top and coiffed hair during day one. Then she went slutty in day two auditions. That's about right for her.

I was able to take notes during these auditions so comments about contestants are in order of appearance.

First up was Tiffany. As Alicia Silverstone would say, she was a total Monet. But while I thought she got extremely ugly in her close up, her creepy daddy didn't think so! Good thing she had a back up plan. Although I doubt college will really result in any kind of career for her.

AI then threw us a bone with Joanna. Interestingly (or perhaps not) she went to LA when she was 16 and had a record deal with ANR. I'm going to guess she is the one who blew it, but Kara seemed to know/like her. DH and I both thought she was good but not fantastic. Of course AI could have clipped the "worst" section to show us in order to keep more in reserve. I can see the producers being tricky like that. She is also a total crier which means we'll see a lot of her during Hollywood Week.

Our next crazy is Mark Mudd. His story about the name Mudd is actually pretty accurate. At least according to my in depth knowledge from the last National Treasure move. With his bad teeth and Deliverance accent this guy was very creepy. He almost died 5 times, including two car wrecks. Any guesses for drinking and driving???

Another "good" contestant was Brent Keith Smith. His career was listed as traveling musician but he wasn't very good, IMO. Of course he has the "vibe" and "look" so he's through to Hollywood. As DH said after, "they are letting some shitty people through to Hollywood this year." He causes continuing conflict between Kara and Simon. Simon is loving pushing Kara's buttons.

The next guy, "Dueling Piano Player" kind of looks like a poor man's Justin Timberlake. Or "retarded" according to DH. Interesting voice but kind of "meh" in terms of talent. Simon compared him to Elliot Yamin (remember those teeth?!?) and he's through to Hollywood.

Ross, The Super Nerd: this is the type of person I went to college with. Think I'm kidding? Take a walk on the Carnegie Mellon campus and check it out for yourself. I know you will be shocked by this, but Ross? He wasn't very good. I give him major props for drinking out of Paula's water cup.

21 year-old stay-at-home mom. Really? Must be nice to have your ass supported like that. She has a very interesting voice for a tiny white girl. I assume her mom will be taking care of her daughter while she's in Hollywood Week.

Aaron - the "I'm so pumped" guy. Personally I find that to be annoying. His voice was equally annoying. The crazy thing is I think he would have been pretty good if he wasn't shouting the whole thing. No golden ticket for that crazy.

Another potentially good contestant was Rebecca who decided a single fingerless purple glove was the way to go for a fashion accessory. Very cute but no voice. Kind of a shame because before she opened her mouth I thought she would be good. The look on her face when Kara asked her if she was there as a joke was priceless.

Quick montage of really good people. Why couldn't we have seen more than that?!?

Aaaand, here comes the "sob" story. Apparently she was raised in poverty by a single mother. Doesn't this girl understand it will not beat the blind guy? When she said she was going to sing her own song I groaned. That never works out well and she was being portrayed as good in the editing. Turns out the song was cute and the judges loved her. She might be a contender for Top 10 but it's so hard to tell with the little snippets we get to see.

19 Hollywood bound contestants made it through from Louisville. Grand total? 85 on the road to Hollywood.

Frankly, not showing stellar auditions is making me not look forward to the rest of the season. My advice to AI is to show the great in order to get the audience excited. Because now? Not so excited. I can't imagine a better Top 10 than last year. I predict a mediocre Taylor Hicks type winner at this rate.

Next week, the auditions continue. I am hoping it's only one more week but I have a feeling there are two more before Hollywood Week.


Mommy, Esq. said...

These auditions were much better than San Fran. They had a few edge guys trying to work the David Cook angle that might be okay - we'll see. I loved the homeless girl - she had amazing style and stage presence as well as a good voice. And in her defense, she hasn't yet met/heard of the blind guy.

Natalie said...

another stellar recap stacey. seriously, if i were paula and was judging your blog I would say, "you have an essence about you that keeps you true to yourself and it's harmonious and beautiful and oh wait there's a shiny object"