Thursday, January 1, 2009

A whirlwind trip to Massachusetts

Even though DH and I were up on Massachusetts for more than a week, it felt as though the trip was really quick. That's not to say I am not happy to be back home! I feel as though my real vacation can now start :-)

DH and I drove back on Tuesday and of course, ran into traffic about 30 miles from Charlotte. Traffic for NO REASON, mind you. Just dumb ass drivers. Until then we only had to deal with dumb ass drivers who didn't realize they were holding up a line of traffic. We were on 81 for most of the trip which is a 2 lane highway. Here's a hint, people: if you are in the left lane and there is NO ONE in front of you for a few miles but a line of cars 30 deep behind you, get in the right lane!! You are holding up traffic. Jeesh.

Over the trip, I indulged in lots of Christmas cookies and won every card game. Overall, it was a good Christmas, if a little hectic. Grammy gave DH and me new bedding, pillows and lamps for our master bedroom. DH also got several framed Yankee Sports Illustrated pictures. So I guess we'll have to remodel our bedroom and his office sooner rather than later. I am the best wife ever because I don't mind him turning his office into the new Yankee stadium. Despite many Red Sox outfits for our baby girl, I have a feeling his enthusiasm for the Yankees will result in one more Yankee fan...

I had a chance to visit Mommy, Esq. a few times and see Natalie, Helen and Amy. We haven't made too many friends in Charlotte yet (thanks Stacy and Janusz for moving to Germany!) so it was great to have lots of girl talk.

Practice makes perfect!

Natalie and Amy dote on Ned

DH and I were apparently so exhausted from our trip that for the past two nights we have been sleeping for 12 hours. Of course the dog loved that. He was a nervous wreck for most of the trip. Not only does he not like change, my mom has a cat. They left each other alone for the most part but Charlie did try to get a few bites in as did the cat.

Charlie thinks if he ignores the cat, she will go away.

Charlie saw lobsters for the first time ever. He wasn't very impressed.

The long drive has decided us that for my baby shower in February, I will be flying. No way I can do 24+ hours in the car over a 96 hour period.

It has been a great 2008 and I know 2009 will also be wonderful. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Best wished for 2009!!


Anonymous said...

loved the pictures. . .jealous of the lobsters. . .wonderful to talk to you today. . .am glad you're home safe and sound! looking forward to seeing your brother and Jared tonight. . lots of love to all of you. . .Mimi

Donna said...

Oh the changes you will know in 2009, oh the love, the bliss, the sleep deprivation - the fun....good luck. Though people tell you it all the time, having kids is a life changing experience and you never go back (which is a good thing).

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