Thursday, January 15, 2009

The illness from hell

Sorry I've been so quiet for the last few days. I know many of you have been expecting my initial thoughts on American Idol. I promise to post them this weekend once I'm fully recovered from my stomach bug. Yes, I am currently suffering from a stomach bug that has knocked me for a loop. I'm tempted to blame Janusz for giving it to me since he stayed over for a few days recovering from "bad sushi" but his lasted for 4 days and I'm starting to feel better at 36 hours into the illness.

It has been so long since I was this sick I think I need to go all the way back to when my grandmother tried to poison the entire family for a comparative incident. Yes, that's right. Mimi attempted to pull a Lucrezia Borgia and do away with her entire family. OK, I'll be honest. It wasn't deliberate. It was an archaic oven that was actually 50+ degrees cooler than what the temperature gauge said. Mmmm, all that bacteria cooking away in the turkey! It was a lovely Thanksgiving dinner followed by a fight for the use of the two bathrooms. Yes, this story is still told fondly at basically every family event. Even if Mimi isn't there.

DH has been wonderful as I recover from this sickness. Of course I've made his job easier by sleeping basically the entire time. I was up from 1 AM until 7 AM running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. It settled down to about once every 30 minutes and I managed to sleep until 6:30 PM when I roused myself for about an hour to have some toast and head back to bed. The dog was in heaven since it meant he got to sleep in the bed with me all day. We don't normally let him do that (although I swear he does when we leave the house) so he thought yesterday was the best day ever while I thought I was dying. The best part was having to wake him up because he was snoring so loud I couldn't sleep!

The only good thing was that I felt the baby moving a lot like she was telling me, "It sucks to be you but I'm floating along in here fine!"

In other news, DH and I are back to the drawing board on baby names. The one we picked moved way up the list of 2008 most popular baby names. I'd prefer to pick a name where my daughter isn't one of 5 in her class, you know? So feel free to pass along suggestions.


LauraC said...

Sorry to hear you are sick! I'm planning to post tomorrow on N&A's thoughts on American Idol.

Our top girl name was Anna Vivian. I still love Vivian as a name! Good thing I have it documented publicly on my blog so I don't look like a Brangelina stalker.

Helen said...

Can you tell us what the other choice was? You know, as someone in the "classroom" you could always bounce ideas off of me, and I could even give you some statistics based on my school:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. . .it's wonderful to know that I've created such familyl memories, ie, Lucretia Borgia. And, actually, the oven turned out to be 100 degrees off.
PS. I still think Elizabeth Jean is a good name, but I'll be thinking. . .lots of love and I'm glad you're feeling better!