Saturday, January 10, 2009

New food addictions

I wouldn't call these food cravings, per se, but I have discovered some new foods recently that have gone on my "must" list. I am a notoriously picky eater so any time I like a new food or food product it's a pleasant surprise.
  • Vitamin Water - DH picked up a few of these for our trip up North over the holidays. I love them! My favorites are lemonade and kiwi strawberry. I would seriously have them every day if they didn't cost around $1 each. I am often bored by just drinking water. DH can go through 8+ glass a day, but not me. I need a little something to punch it up. Going the juice route is just extra calories. With Vitamin Water the flavor to water quotient is perfect and I'm getting vitamins and no calories. Perfect!

  • Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers - I clipped a coupon for these a few months ago but my grocery store only started carrying them recently. If you are having trouble finding them check the pasta/rice aisle or the soup aisle. They are a little extra work than a typical microwavable meal but totally worth it. Somehow Healthy Choice figured out how to get al dente pasta out of a microwave. My favorite is the zesty marinara. Now, they are a little pricey ($3) but the perfect amount of food when combined with a salad. Talk about a nice healthy lunch!

  • Naan - from the grocery store, no less! I have to admit this one is kind of a cheat. I have always loved naan but only get it when we infrequently go out for Indian food. But when we were up North I discovered International Fabulous Flats™ Tandoori Naan in my mom's grocery store. No need to have a special oven or spend hours making your own dough (not that I would), just pop in the oven with some olive oil for a few minutes and it tastes almost exactly like what you get in the restaurant. Now if only they carried it at my grocery store...the website claims that Harris Teeter does but I haven't seen it yet. DH and I make Indian food all the time. Just cut up some chicken and add the premade Tandoori or Curry sauces found in the international aisle. We usually add chickpeas for a little extra veggies.

DH and I are trying to add to our regular mix of dinners as well. So if anyone has recommendations, please let me know. We are much more chicken people than other types of meat so chicken recipes in particular are welcome.

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Theresa said...

I have an easy chicken piccata recipe for you. I will send it tonight!