Saturday, January 24, 2009


As of today I officially have 9 weeks to go until my due date. And I'm totally bored. Yup, I am struggling to come up with doing something fun and interesting this weekend. Anyone have ideas? At this point they don't even have to be good!

I'd love to go baby stuff shopping but my mom is throwing me a baby shower in 3 weeks so I should really wait until after then. The nursery is almost done, we cleaned the house last weekend and I'm saving a couple of really good books until closer to delivery. There's always the 40 hours or so of TV I've got on my DVR but shockingly it is not appealing.

I am trying to enjoy the last 9 weekends (give or take) without a baby to obsess about. So for those of you who are already parents, what do you recommend I indulge in for the next few weekends?


Helen said...

You could read "Mayflower"for me which I need done for Monday, or would you like to grade 70 Social Studies Projects, or write Literary Letters, all fun, you can have your pick:)

LauraC said...

Here is what I would do if I could go back to being kidless for 9 weeks:

* Sleep in as late as I wanted. I'm talking 11 or 12 every day.

* Stay up as late as I wanted without worrying about how exhausted I was going to be the next day.

* Sit in coffeeshops drinking coffee and reading a book. Browse bookstores. Spend even more time in the bookstore. Spend more time leisurely drinking coffee.

* Do anything outside of the house that I could. Go to movies. Go out to meals. Shop. Go to concerts.

* Go on as many dates with Jon as I could. Bowling. Dinners. Spas. Road trips. Checking out new restaurants. Browsing cute boutiques.

* Catch up with all of my friends via phone or in person and not have to cut it short because of the crazies.

* Travel. Glorious travel. Even hitting a romantic B&B in town would be awesome.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I second the Movies idea from Laura (but she doesn't realize you already sleep 11-12 hrs a day). Go see Slumdog Millionaire - sounds awesome. Or a chick flick matinee.

I also second the dates idea - pick a fun restaurant and go at like 6 pm when it isn't crowded and you can talk. Talk about how you want to parent your kids and what you'll miss about being kid free.

J may be cheap but what about a B&B stay in S. Carolina next weekend? Ask Theresa - she's stayed in some.

Donna said...

Laura had a good list - try to remember this time of being bored, because you won't have time to be bored, very soon!