Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI Season 8: Top 3 perform judges' picks

Allison's dismissal last week leaves us with an all male finale for the second year in a row. I'm trying to remember if there has ever been an all female finale but I can't remember any. I assume it is mostly tween girls who vote which is why we are more likely to have guys in the finale than girls. What happened to girl power? Someone needs to get these tween girls in line.

Ryan informs us this is the 300 episode. I'd be more impressed if 200 of them weren't auditions.

I'm still holding strong with predicting Adam Lambert as the winner. He got some unasked for publicity from Entertainment Weekly last week with a cover article questioning his sexual orientation. A little in bad taste if you ask me. You didn't? Too bad. I haven't really thought much about whether he is gay or not. Instead I focus on his over the top theatrics and fashion styling.

Paula selects a song for Danny Gokey and goes with "Dance Little Sister" by Terrence Trent Darby. Paula tells us it's because of a similarity in magical voices. I yawn. I feel like whoever Paula selects a song for should get a handicap. Girl is crazy. DH claims I should know this song but I totally don't. I think that's really going to hurt Danny. A recognizable song always helps. He does his Danny thing and I'm a little bored at this stage in the competition. Here's hoping his next song is better. DH informs me it was a really good performance and I am biased because I don't know the song. Randy agrees with DH so I am apparently wrong. Kara slams Danny's dancing but Paula pulls out her choreographer's card and says he did great. Simon thought the vocals were good but the dancing was desperate.

Kara and Randy team up to select Kris Allen's song. Apparently I can't count because I never even thought about the 4 judges and 3 contestants ratio. Perhaps it's because I assume Kara is not going to be around next season? Although Simon told Oprah he wasn't going to do another season after next year. Gasp! Let's hope that the producers throw so much money at him he signs up for many more years. "Apologize" by One Republic is the song given to Kris. He decides to accompany himself on the piano. It's actually a really good song choice for Kris - he would totally put out an album like the Fray or O.A.R. or any other trendy group these days. Kris does a really nice job and is definitely helped by the current popular song selection (take that Paula!). Randy likes the performance but Kara thinks he should have made it more his own. Paula notices a sour note but is proud of him. Simon disses both Paula and Kara in his commentary and thinks it was a decent performance.

Is anyone surprised that Simon got to select the song for Adam Lambert? Didn't think so. He goes with "One" by U2 after receiving explicit permission from Bono. Adam changes the arrangement (natch) and really uses his falsetto. Randy called the vocals unbelievable. Kara agreed and loved the arrangement. Paula called it superb. Simon complimented the song selection (ha!) and said it was a brilliant performance. He and Paula agree that it would be a travesty if Adam wasn't in the finals next week.

Randy then throws the show over to Idol Gives Back. As much as I like Carrie Underwood, this is not why I watch the show every week.

For his own selection, Danny Gokey goes with "You Are So Beautiful." Is there any woman who doesn't love this song? I am shocked that Ryan didn't use this opportunity to remind the audience about Danny's dead wife. There hasn't been a mention of her in weeks. Danny has a Joe Cocker type voice so this could be good. He changes up the arrangement enough to make it his own but still keep it as a sweet ballad. Randy said Danny can really, really, really sing. He needed those two extra "reallys" to really mean it. Kara called it stunning. Paula was breathless. Simon said it was a vocal master class.

Kris decides on "Heartless" by Kanye West. Does anyone else besides me think that Kanye is a total poseur? Do you like fish sticks? (Two points if you know what that means.) Kris accompanies himself on the guitar which makes me think he is trying to one-up the others with his musicality. He shouldn't worry because he has the cuteness factor going for him. I don't know the song (see above for opinion on Kanye West) but Kris does a decent job. I hear a few sour notes but it's good. Randy liked Kris' version better than the Fray's (they did it?) or the original. Kara called it bold, brave and fearless. And then tucked her thesaurus under the table. Paula said Kris is relevant. Simon thinks Kris redeemed himself .

And saving the best for last Adam picks "Cryin'" by Aerosmith. I loved this video and it launched Alicia Silverstone's career. Remember when she was more than just a vegetarian? Adam starts the song and I am completely distracted by the loudness of the background singers. But when they final shut up Adam does his usual bang up job. He doesn't change much in the arrangement. I am not completely wowed and kind of wish Adam selected a more unusual song. Randy loved it. Kara was amazed by the range of his voice. Paula said Adam would be flying for free and I scratch my head. Simon urges the audience to vote for Adam and not just assume he will be in the finals. Good point.

Who's out? I said last week it should be Danny and it should have been. So I'm going with him again this week. What do the rest of you think?

SJ out.


T. said...

1. Really, really freaking sick of Danny Gokey, I think he is sooo cocky and full of himself. You Are So Beautiful was good, but not that good. The other song, whatever.

2. I appear to be the only person in my office that has never heard of the first song Kris sang. It was okay. His version of the Kanye song however, was awesome. I am not a Kanye fan (speaking of cocky), but I loved how Kris changed the song.

3. Adam's One was INCREDIBLE (Simon always picks the best songs); I didn't care for his Aerosmith cover (probably because I don't like the original), but appreciated the "eff you Danny, this is how you do Steven Tyler."

I have my fingers crossed that Danny is going home (as usual), but I really have no idea what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Danny will probably go but he is talented whether we like his personality or not. I, for one, am SICK of Adam. Talent wise, he is the best but maybe my age is showing but I'm done with the screaming. I like Cook from last season way better than Adam in singing.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I thought Danny and Kris's first songs were crap (but Kris's was much better than Danny's) but Adam's last song was kareoke and I totally agree about the background singer. Danny should go but Kris will - Danny has a better fan base.

Mommy, Esq. said...

P.S. Was anyone else bothered by the huge amount of makeup on Simon's shirt. I learned later (had fast forwarded past it) that it was from when Paula punched him in the left boob (although it was on his right side so maybe Ryan can't tell his right from his left). Frightening that she wears that much makeup - on her fist.

Amanda said...

What are you a gay fish?

We watch a dvred abreviated version of AI too and couldn't figure out the stain on simon's shirt either. I'm not an Adam fan but agree he deserves to win and I like danny but he needs to go home today.