Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8: A new season, a marriage ending?

I love Jon & Kate Plus 8. I've watched almost every episode and am amazed at how the family manages. I can hardly function with one child! It is inspiring to me because if they can do it then surely I can too.

From the very beginning the show has been polarizing. Whenever DH watches it with me he comments about how mean Kate is to Jon. I always disagree and stick up for Kate. She was the primary caregiver and everything needs to be scheduled and planned to the smallest detail when you have 8 children. True, she could be a bit nicer in how she talks to Jon but when you tell him the same thing over and over again, sniping just comes naturally.

I was amazed to see a series of cover stories about first Jon and then Kate on my gossip indulgence, Us Weekly. I'm a fairly naive person. I usually question the cover stories and assume that people aren't having affairs only to be proven wrong time and again. So I was horrified to see the articles about Jon's supposed affair, not to mention Kate's. I still don't believe it's true for Kate but am on the fence about Jon. He flatly denied it in the season opener but he's so monotone in his delivery it's hard to believe him. Kate was much more passionate in her defense and rightly so.

As Laura commented in her post, the saddest thing about this episode was seeing Jon and Kate in separate interviews (which has never happened before) and hearing Alexis say she doesn't like it when Jon's away.

There has been some role reversal with Kate traveling and Jon being the stay-at-home parent. While I know DH would love it, Jon appears to be very bitter about it because the "choice was made for [him]." But would he be any happier if he made the choice himself? I don't think so. I felt so bad for Kate as she put on a brave face while tackling the birthday party by herself. And you can tell from the twins' behavior that they know something is wrong - they were being way too nice not to!

By the way, how fat and mellow was that rabbit? Funniest part of the show.

What do you think? Is this marriage ending or will Kate pull it through by sheer force of will? If anyone can do that, she can. I'm interested to see what happens this season. Their final interviews did not give me hope for their marriage.


LauraC said...

I did say to my Jon before the show that it was VERY suspicious to me that right before the season opener, they had some drama. It's like they finally got good PR people. But then I watched the show and I was like DANG their marriage is really falling apart.

I don't think it will make it. And I think the producers are trying to set it up with Kate as a single mom, really trying to make her look good.

Sotorrific Twins said...

Ya, I don't think they're gonna make it. Sad but I think that they have past the point of no return, kinda. If they had quit the show a year or so ago and worked on their issues, I bet they would have had a chance to "fix" their marriage. But now, I think its too late...so sad.