Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't you just love a bargain?

Today Amanda and I went to a consignment sale to check out the deals. It is my first baby consignment trip but I've heard great things about them from other moms. This consignment sale hasn't been going on very long but they do it twice a year and I'm already marking my calendar for a return trip in September.

For less than $80 I picked up a ton of 9-12 month clothes (including a couple of OshKosh B'Gosh overalls which I love), some books and a few toys. The trick with the clothes was focusing on separates. I got a lot of sweaters and pants since it will be Fall and Winter when Cameron can wear them. DH was very happy with my frugality. I was hoping to find a couple of big ticket items like a stroller but the pickings were slim. I might sell some stuff in September so I can take advantage of the consigner early sale.

I'm a big fan of the sales and am trying to pick up all of Cameron's clothes on sale. So if I'm in Old Navy or Babies 'R Us I look at the sale rack and focus on clothes 6+ months out. Of course that means her closet is rapidly filling but she'll be growing out of her 0-3 months soon enough (sniff, sniff). What do other moms do to try and save money for clothes that are worn out through play, washings and rapid growth?

This week we've also introduced Cameron to the play feature of her bouncer. She is absolutely fascinated by the bubbles and moving lights but can't kick her feet up yet to activate it herself. I can get a few things done while she is mesmerized. I have a feeling she is going to love TV! The only caveat is that Cameron can get over-stimulated. I try to spot any impending fussiness and remove the toy bar.

Look at the pretty lights!

I'll just chill here for a while.


Sotorrific Twins said...

love that bouncy chair!! it was so cool when mine started kicking it to make it "sing" - so much fun :) enjoy it!

Mommy, Esq. said...

The starfish and bubbles is like baby crack.