Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo Friday: Too cute for words

Cameron has been very fussy for the last 48 hours which coincided with me starting Fenugreek to increase my milk supply. I had read that moving to more pumping and less breastfeeding results in a decrease in supply so I wanted to get mine up before returning to work. Unfortunately, Cameron had a very adverse reaction to Fenugreek which resulted in poor napping and fussiness during feedings. I have since stopped (as of yesterday) and my little girl is back to her happy self and napping wonderfully.

I realized I have been extremely remiss in sharing photos of Cameron . So here are a bunch from this week and a bonus video!

Listening intently to a story that Daddy is telling her. Cameron let me pose her in this Ralph Lauren hoodie.
Every time Cameron wears this onesie DH does exactly what it says and hugs her.
While she may not enjoy tummy time, Cameron still loves her playmat. Well, she does for about 15 minutes at a time!

Cameron shows her displeasure at wearing a Yankees cap. I'm sure she would be smiling if it was a Red Sox one!

Cameron has started "talking" to the toybar on her bouncer. In this clip she perseveres despite having the hiccups. She starts "talking" about halfway through the clip.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Wish the Yankees' logo was more evident but love the photo. :)

Natalie said...

love the photos AND video, keep 'em comin'.

E said...

I agree with her on the Yankees hat.

Donna said...

Same thing happened with DS2 with the fenugreek. He had the worst gas and he was very fussy and couldn't poop! Once I stopped, all was peaceful again. I love her photos, really she is a doll.

T. said...

She is so darn cute!!

Helen said...

Love, but you sound just like Mommy, Esq in the audio- freaky!

Anonymous said...

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