Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is for the birds

I use this colloquial expression on a fairly regular basis. But since DH and I moved to Charlotte and bought our house we have been enjoying the birds, not using them to convey displeasure. One of the first things we put up was a bird feeder. It was promptly destroyed by scavenging squirrels and we bought another one and added a squirrel baffle to the pole. We had to attach it below the bird feeder so that the squirrels wouldn't run up the pole and get to the food that way. Those pesky squirrels are so smart! DH jokes that we are feeding the entire neighborhood but we have about a dozen breeds that visit on a regular basis.

Not too far from the bird feeder is a bird bath that the former home owners left behind. I moved it to just beyond the kitchen window and faithfully add water to it while watering the plants. This year the birds have really discovered it and I've been enjoying watching their antics while futzing around the kitchen.

The other big bird related item is the nest that was built in the begonias hanging outside the kitchen door. DH was going to remove the nest but we discovered this morning that there are 3 eggs in it! Needless to say since we are "nesting" ourselves with Cameron there was no way we were going to remove it now. The plant is doing fine and the bird hasn't minded my watering it. I hope we haven't scared it off by taking a couple of pictures. It would be such a bummer if the eggs never hatch.

Is the whole, "if you touch the eggs the mother bird won't return and hatch them" thing true? What experiences have others had with bird nests?

Did you know that birds need to drink water too? I had read that but actually saw it in practice this Spring. But they enjoy splashing around in the bath the most.

If you look closely you can see the three eggs.


Helen said...

The mother bird should return to the nest- once they hatch, though, I would not approach the nest and keep Charlie clear. is it on the ground?

We have a courtyard at school and we have a birdhouse that has a hidden camera with a live feed to our library where we can watch the mother, eggs, and eventually babies. The whole world stops to watch- it's pretty amazing!

Gretchen said...

Every year my hanging plants on the front porch serve as nesting ground for some generic brown bird - nuthatch? no idea. I just water per normal and they seem to be just fine with it. Can't wait to hear what happens!